– a question for you:


how would you set about finding the perfect place to live?

Not as in “when I win the Lottery”, but if you wanted to do it right now, with just your current resources.  The reason for asking is I have completely run out of ideas how to publicise El Pocito is for sale, and desperately need some fresh input, preferably of the “cost nothing or next-to-nothing” kind.

My biggest problem (I think) is that the Sierra de Aracena is more-or-less a total secret from the rest of the world, no-one else has ever heard of it or this part of Spain.  Except that is for the lucky few who were born here, or like us came upon it by accident.  The fact that there are 182,000 hectares of woodland/ mountains, packed full with an equally incredible variety of wildlife/ fauna/ and fauna, and very few people to disturb them, has passed everyone by.  As has that the villages and small towns that do exist are small and date back hundreds if not thousands of years, including some castles and of course Spain’s oldest mezquita (mosque).  With a pace of life which is more like my 1950s childhood than modern day Europe.  Sevilla (Spain’s most beautiful city) si just an hour away.  The beach only an hour.  Portugal 45 minutes.  So how do I tell people all this?

Another problem is the total lack of estate agents (with a relevant internet presence) featuring this area.

Nor can I find any publications (anywhere in Europe) that cater for this kind of market.

All I’ve got so far (to spread the word) is my site (https://elpocito.wordpress.com) and two Facebook pages: PHIL ROOKSBY (http://facebook.com/phil.rooksby) and  OFF GRID SUSTAINABLE SMALLHOLDING IN SW SPAIN FOR SALE (http://facebook.com/elpocitoinalmonasterlareal/).

Can you help?

Also I would like to know how to increase the traffic/ visibility for my site (though not in a too technical way please).  As well as any alterations you think might help.

What about forums, can you recommend any?

Looking forward to hearing from you, don’t be shy.  Phil.

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  1. nickjan said:

    Dear Phil:

    I have thought often of your place and viewed the photos on numerous occasions, even before you put it up on the market for sale. I’ve frequently thought of writing you about the place, but hesitated because I had no idea of the price. Your most recent note prompts me to overcome that reluctance and ask directly: what is the ‘asking price’ for the property. Again, I’ve looked at the photos / videos and have read most of your posts, so have a reasonable idea of the place; what I don’t know is the price.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Nick Jankowski

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