– vampires are real and living among us


…. especially in the Houses of Parliament, along with the various roosts of the Royal Family.  Each virtually immortal, having already existed for hundreds of years, fed on the life-blood of the humans.

Yes, I’m off on one of my rants again.  Today it is about pensions, as rumour has reached me that there might be a General Election in the offing this autumn.  And as most of you already know, expats don’t get a vote, not in the UK or even in their new country of residence, just as they aren’t entitled to most of the social security/ unemployment benefits either, because the UK doesn’t play fair when it comes to EU membership.  So I want to make sure those who do have a chance to make a change, do it effectively.

Assuming there was a system of justice in the UK, surely if you have been forced to contribute for a lifetime to the state pension plan, then it is the duty of the government to pay out as agreed when the need arises?  Yet apparently this is not the case.  Instead they have been steadily changing the rules when and how they wish.  Done away with Widow’s Pension, significantly raised the age when you can start receiving a standard Retirement Pension, removed income and spouse-related Benefits, and as I write, planning even more drastic cuts.  All totally illegal of course, but who is ever going to take them to court?  Yet why, if they want to make the changes, don’t they allow the current beneficiaries to receive what is their due, and start the new system with those about to begin work?  Answer: because they really don’t care.

I am one who has fallen foul of their treachery.  Have already been swindled out of 20,000 euros and If I actually live to become a pensioner will have already lost 45,000 euros altogether.  Though that is nothing to what every UK woman (born after 1950) has lost.  While at the same time a Member of Parliament, even if they are in the job for only a day, still gets a life-time earnings-related pension, on top of their state pension, immediately upon leaving.  How is this just/ fair?

When we lived in the UK we were proud to be in such an honest and law-abiding country, proud of the checks and balances that sustained this.  But seems none of that was real, more the case of being culturally downtrodden for so long (by those who rule over us), believed this was how things were.  Because as soon as we moved to Spain/ Portugal, where everything is so much more out in the open, I could immediately see the vast inconsistencies, even at a local town council level.  Not only that the average UK taxpayer is paying as much as 99% of their hard-earned income on taxes and resultant loss in purchase value (see https://elpocito.wordpress.com/living-on-less-money), but that one of the universal laws of nature is: the more money you have access to, the more corrupt you become (with no exceptions).  And who has the most access?

A General Election is the once chance (short of apocalypse) we (or you) get to make a change, vote in a government that isn’t just about providing its membership with as many ways as possible to make a nice tax-free profit.  But one that simply provides the services the greater population needs, free of backhanders and nepotism, and consequently reduces the burden of individual taxation to what it realistically should be, almost nothing.

Deprive the vampires their source of sustenance, and get someone moral and mortal in to do the job instead.

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