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Having had time to get over the awful shock about BREXIT, here are some of my reflections on the matter:

If instead this was a death of a Royal (Diana for example), the entire country would unite in mourning and find ways to honour her memory.

Or as with the refugees in France, send money and help 24/7, until there were no more.

A tsunami, on the other side of the world, in a place most Brits would not even know where it was, would find groups spontaneously forming to alleviate their suffering.

The BREXIT disaster however, is something that directly affects our own citizens, and this is not about one person/ hundreds/ or thousands, but more than three million lives.  Which unless this decision is reversed will be devastated permanently.  Surely they are worth the same kind of support as the above?

I’m talking here about the expats and immigrants (who by the way are real people too, for you Christians reading this).  And incidentally were denied a vote, in fact have been denied any right to vote ever since they left their country.

This is also going to affect everyone else in the UK too.  This deep-rooted racism and jingoism (as if The Empire still existed, wake up!) which has surfaced in half the population, and been given a respectability, is just a precursor to full-blown fascism.  Who will then become their next victim/ scapegoat when the economy doesn’t improve as promised?

I would like to feel there was some hope of a reversal in all this, if only because of the glaring legal inconsistency that a “majority” in a situation like this needs to be substantially greater than just slightly more than half the vote.  And there is actually an official government petition highlighting this which you can go on-line and sign (https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/131215).

Scotland and Northern Ireland also are making impressive noises about reprisals, and I can’t help thinking it would be a wonderful opportunity to choose which country we really want on our passports if they did leave the UK, but this is not constitutionally possible.  The Queen, who still rules over us (we are her subjects, not free citizens remember) and ultimately (or always?) makes the big decisions, has a vested interest in never letting this happen.  Not only as the biggest landowner in those regions, but the one who stands to lose the most.

Actually I’m still reeling how the referendum actually happened (and became binding), given that both majority political parties were against leaving from the start.  Does this precedent mean it is perfectly feasible now to have a referendum about anything?  For example, what about finally dismantling the autocracy (we must be one of the last countries in world without real democracy)?  Because if the majority really do think it is the immigrants who are costing the country dear, they should take a long hard look at what the House of Windsor has been bleeding them dry for, and a lot longer.

Meanwhile, I along with the entire spanish nation (including the far-right ruling party PP amazingly), hopes sanity will prevail and life can get back to normal in the UK, pre-BREXIT, asap.  Remember, it is perfectly okay to make a mistake, no-one will hold it against you.

ps. Among my spanish friends, those who are currently accused of stealing precious jobs from those born in the UK, here are the facts.  They are working mostly in the big cities where there is no shortage of vacancies.  Filling such glamorous and lucrative posts as: receptionist/ night porter (and sole employee) in cheap hotel chains like Travelodge, putting the toppings on your pizza at Domino’s, and cleaning up the mess you make at Benetton.  How many indigenous 35 year-olds with a minimum of four years university education do you know who would want to do that for a living?

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