– MAKE SURE YOU VOTE to remain in the EU (on Thursday)

Berlin, Lustgarten, Kundgebung der HJ

I haven’t lived in or visited England (as opposed to Scotland/ Wales/ or Northern Ireland, who are all blameless in this) since 2000, but the impression I’m getting now is one of a social and political atmosphere which has changed dramatically, akin to Germany in 1939.  Okay sounds rather dramatic, but for us expats that’s exactly what is happening.  Because suddenly, out-of-the-blue, without any democratic process whatsoever, we’ve been denied our basic human rights, turned into non-persons, and no-one cares.  This is what is known as “fascism”.

A silent pogrom is taking place.  With up to one and a half million UK citizens (and another 1.5 million European citizens, currently legal immigrants in the UK) facing possible deportation, the loss of all our property/ belongings without any recompense, along with all our paid-into rights to free healthcare and a state pension.  Not forgetting that already we have lost our right to vote, anywhere  It makes me ashamed to be english.

I wish there was a God, because only a miracle is going to make the stupid english majority, those who think it is their right to dictate over the rest of the UK/ world, see sense.



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