– Wednesday 29th October 2014

phil rooksby el pocito 123

On this day a year ago, at 11.30am, my soul-mate Maureen died.

She was the most special and talented person I have ever known, quite literally an angel who had been given the chance to spend a short time on earth as one of us.

I was the lucky one who got to share 35 wonderful years with her, packed full of adventures.

Yet in all that time I never fully appreciated how rare and special her gifts were, which she so freely gave to me and everyone who knew her.

So today I would like to honour her properly, and ask that everyone reading this spends a few moments meditating on their memory of her. Giving thanks for not only for having known such an amazing soul, but that you too have a very special partner (or family) in your life, who loves you just as much.


  1. Phil, I never meet Maureen and came to know about you both from a little book on sustainable living and your life that we happened on a few years ago, that you wrote. I’ve tried to keep on eye on your life journey together ever since. It was shocking to read of Maureen’s death a year ago and how very brave you were to share your thoughts and emotions to the wider world here. Although my life is very different to yours, the choices you make and the desire and your ability to see them through are inspiring. Continue to take good care of yourself and I hope you gain strength and pleasure from the friendships that you have and from those that await you.

  2. Katrina said:

    Hi Phil,
    The candle is still burning (since around 5 am today) plus a small pink rose in a vase alongside. Although I never met her and barely know you I can still understand the impact her loss must have had on you and your life. Thinking of you and sending love and light.

  3. Sunny said:

    Such a lovely photograph, one could say a family. Thank you for sharing your tender moment. Warm blessings xx

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