Saturday 6th December 2014


Do you have a friend/ relative who is a prominent journalist/ MP/ MEP in the UK?

I need someone to highlight the illegal activities of the UK Works & Pensions Office, especially that of two employees working in its Bereavement department, who have been obstructing my application for a widow’s pension for 13 months now.

When Maureen died (in October 2013) I applied for a widow’s pension from the Spanish authorities, as is my legal right as a spanish resident.  They in turn requested Maureen’s NI contributions from the UK, who repeatedly ignored these requests (lying on three occasions that they had sent them) for nearly a year, until the constant phone-calling and hassling from my dear and long-suffering scottish friend Dennis elicited the necessary information from them and the spanish authorities authorised payment on 21st October.

Maureen worked full-time in the UK for 26 years, and under the EU directive that allows EU nationals to live and work in other EU countries these contributions are now due to be paid to me, at a rate of approximately £4000 a year.  After waiting a month for payment to start and discovering nothing I phoned Newcastle to discover that they were not going (and never intended to) pay a penny.  This is totally illegal, but from here there is nothing I or the spanish government can do. I have had no income for two months, and am now facing having to sell EL POCITO in order to buy food. If you can offer positive help please get in touch. Either by email (, allowing a couple of days for me to reply as I have no internet access. Or SMS/ text (00 34 633 731 906) with your email address.  Many thanks in anticipation.  Phil.


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