– Monday 18 August 2013

My very good and endlessly patient friend Dennis, in Dumfries & Galloway, has suggested I write more (blogs) to increase traffic to the site. I don’t know how or if this actually works but I do happen to have two things on my mind right now, maybe not quite what he had in mind, but it would be good to air them.

First is to do with the endless stream of emails and comments on the site from folk offering advice about bereavement/ depression. Please don’t! It is offensive and you have no idea what you are talking about. When your partner and soul-mate of 34 years dies unexpectedly, leaving you with a massive hole that can only be filled by another soul-mate, AND you are all alone in a place where nobody speaks the same language so end up talking to no-one at all for weeks on end, and at the same time have no means of income or access to state benefits, believe me it is not something that time is going to heal. What happens instead is each day gets a little bit more scary. And in the end you either commit suicide, from the unrelenting sadness, go mad from lack of human contact, or end up losing everything you both worked so hard for over a lifetime together and become homeless. These are the ONLY options. Unless of course a miracle (on the scale of winning the lottery) happens, and a like-minded soul (one who probably who has been bereaved too) happens to find you and thinks you are the only person to heal their wound. Currently I and any other punter would be putting their money on one of the first three. Meanwhile, if I get one more of these annoying diatribes I will hunt down its author and make sure he or she never writes another.

The other thing on my mind, for which a similar punishment will be meted, is the number of damaged (female) souls out there who have been getting in touch pretending to be interested in becoming a soul-mate, but really just wanting a pen-pal to assuage their own version of loneliness, and at the same time vent off some of that pent-up anger they have for the male of the species. Find someone else to harass, I have no emotional baggage and am looking for someone of the same mental stability, life is hard enough without adding therapy.

Finally, on a happier note, I need a shirt! Yes this is not a typo. Unable to get to Sevilla and the second-hand clothes/ thrift stores there my summer (which lasts until November here) wardrobe has finally worn down to one, which is also too small/ short. So if you are an XL (41-43cm collar, 52-55cm inside arm) and have any long-sleeved/ button-down collar/ “smart”/ and lightweight summer shirts you no longer wear, please send them off today. And Eduardo, I hope you are reading this!

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