– Last will and testament

Does anyone know of a good solicitor in the UK who can help me make a UK Will? Flexible enough so I don’t have to come over (it can be signed/ witnessed here with a Notary)? If yes please send me their name/ email address as soon as possible. Urgent.

  1. Kath said:

    Hi Phil I’ve really enjoyed your posts of photos of El pocito on Facebook! Lovely, thank you for sharing your beautiful place. Kath

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  2. Hequet said:

    I just ran across your blog tonight – was researching vandwelling – and I thought how lovely your conversion was, all the beautiful vibrant colors. Then I continued to read your blog and found your grief, your terrible loss and I am so very sad for you, for the pain you are enduring. I hope you can find some solace, some purpose to continue, despite the pain. You write with such clear honesty, I hope to be able to read more. I hope your voice will continue.

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