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It seems everyone is being green these days, and it’s not just because they are re-cycling all their rubbish in those neat little bins.  Virtually anything you want to buy now comes in an eco-friendly version.  Which I guess means all will be well in the future, because we care. If only.  In fact, this explosion of greenness is actually having the opposite effect, it is hastening the end of our species.  Carbon footprint, zero carbon, carbon neutral, transitional towns, whatever new label, it is all just another con.

There is only one issue that’s green right now, and that’s as far away from a spending choice as it is possible to imagine.  As we witness the ecology of this planet, the thing that enables us to have choices, a life, going down the toilet, at a speed that is actually visible/ friends and family getting sick and dying like no-one ever did before/ poverty in our own neighbourhood/ and the government taking even more money off us for less and less in return. What is the cause?  Money.  Money, that’s the problem, not carbon or any other thing you can sell more things with.  Money is totally unsustainable, and its anti-nature.  Every time we spend (or earn) money we are personally destroying another part of the ecology, killing a defenceless species or habitat. Until eventually, and not so long to wait now (30 years maximum at the latest estimate), it will be our turn, and regardless of how rich or greened you are you will die.

The saddest thing about all this, is even the most stupid of us could work this out.  That whenever each of us buys a product or service, we are not just getting the specific thing we’ve searched so diligently for as the right-on choice, but also creating a whole lot of very nasty other damage at the same time, far outweighing any potential benefits. Starting with the 90% slice of the price-tag that is in effect tax, that the government then is free to spend however it wishes (swiss bank accounts for its ministers/ nuclear armaments to threaten oil countries with/ private jets and luxury cars/ you name it they make sure they enjoy all the perks).  Followed in its wake by the lethal pollution and toxic waste caused in all production processes and transportation, no matter how green. The regime of cheap labour and slavery used to produce them. And of course the destruction of yet another part of the precious ecology forever for the raw materials.  This is what we do.  Each of us.  And we continue to do it because we think we have the right, because we earned that money.  Wrong. We only have one right just now, and that is to make sure we live to see a future, not just for ourselves but for our loved ones too. And instead of wondering which organic or fair-traded coffee to buy this week, use your brain (and money) to do something a bit more important.

What made me think about all of this were two separate incidents that happened recently.  The first was coming across garden organic, the latest re-incarnation of the Henry Doubleday Research Association (one of our original inspirations), and discovering not only that it had become a mere shadow of its founder’s (Lawrence Hills) original aim and hopes, but it was actively promoting green products and spending a vast fortune on doing nothing more than paying itself to exist.  Any positive message/ influence for the rest of the world having been long discarded.  Even more unsettling though is the discovery that its patron is currently none other than the Prince of Wales, who singlehandedly (in earnings and upkeep alone) has to be one of the most environmental irresponsible forces on the planet.

Around the same time I also received an email about my mention of homeopathy on the how to become healthier page.  Its writer saying she would love to believe in homeopathy as an alternative to conventional medicine, but couldn’t, as if it wouldn’t work otherwise!  The stupidity of some people is astounding.  Made me think about the trillions of pounds those same kind of people waste whole lives fundraising for medical charities, and to what end?  Has there been a single cure? Are ANY people better off?  No, of course not. The last thing doctors and the pharmaceutical industry want is for this amazing income source to dry up. For every new cancer case there are ten jobs created. They are rubbing their hands at the profits to be made. Meanwhile healthiness is at its worst level ever, even plagues and world wars killed off less than the numbers that are dying pointlessly right now.  Meanwhile homeopathy (and alternative medicine generally) has been quietly continuing to cure illnesses conventional medicine still claims are untreatable.  While conventional medicine demands higher funding for research and still prescribes toxic treatments/ screening, even when they aren’t necessary.  Just like taxation, a parasite that not only gets fat off us, but is killing the host too.

Rudolf Steiner realised all this way back in 1924, when he delivered his lecture on Agriculture (and this applies to anyone who still believes they are selling/ buying biodynamic produce), when he told the assembled farmers that they should forget everything they had been taught at college and change back to the ways of the past.  When the farm was a closed unit, where nothing came in and nothing went out, only growing only what that family needed, only using the resources available from that land.  If we are to survive we also have to become farmers. Divide up the land and on it grow all our own food/ fuel/ medicine/ and materials.  Because this is the only way we will learn how to treat the planet properly, appreciate the role and importance of nature and our ecology for life.  This is what sustainability is all about, not the wishy-washy greenness that the commercial world would have us believe.

If at this point you still believe the government (or even big business) should be making sure we have a future, that they alone have our best interests at heart, will make the changes necessary, then I have to disillusion you.  Very soon things are going to get really nasty, they know that, have been making provisions for a long time to be well away when it happens.  Trawl the internet, there are plenty of examples to show they have already got their escape plans in place.  Why else would we be in the midst of a global financial crisis if it wasn’t such a perfect way to raise a lot of cash very quickly?  Unfortunately that means the rest of us are going to have to cope alone.  I strongly recommend therefore you spend some time thinking about how that is going to affect you.  Bearing in mind it only takes a 24hr petrol strike or power-cut already to paralyse an entire city, so what do you reckon it is going to be like when this stuff starts being cut off permanently?

It’s already happening.  Global stocks of oil have been decreasing for several years now, despite new fields apparently being discovered every day.  But not at a rate to keep up with an exponential rise in demand, due to the unprecedented rise in world population, along with a similar rise in wealthiness (India and China for example).  Soon it will become too expensive to use, and the knock-on effect from that is most products and services are totally reliant on oil products, particularly for growing food and transportation.  Already in Spain its fishing industry is facing extinction.  Very soon the idea of choice in a supermarket will be a distant memory, and there’s not even a single alternative in sight.  The only hope therefore is we can slow that effect.  And this is where a simpler (self-sufficient) life comes in, neatly combining saving the planet and living on a lot less money.  I’m not kidding, even if you don’t care if there is going to be any kind of future for us alive right now, why waste what you do have/ earn giving between 90-99% of it to the fat cat politicians (see the living on less money page).  Also, if you live anywhere near the sea or a large river (ie. at sea-level), which includes most densely populated areas in the world, you could also be thinking about what happens when you wake up to find your house flooded and the insurance won’t pay out.  Because tomorrow/ next week/ next month (it could be) your home may be under water.  And at the same time there won’t be any public transport running.  No repairs to the damage caused to roads.  No petrol.  No food in the shops.  No electricity.  No mains tap water.  No internet.  No doctors or hospitals.  No signal for your phone.  And as all this is going to take several years to get back to normal (if ever), you should perhaps moving now to somewhere this isn’t going to be a problem.  Better still, to the countryside and with enough land to feed yourself/ trees for firewood/ and defendable.  Where you can learn how to live off the land/ grow enough food all-year-round/ use herbs as medicine/ generate your own electricity/ find water/ and use a gun.

Life as we know it is going change dramatically very soon.  Don’t be the selfish one, making it happen all the faster, likewise don’t be the doubter who gets left behind.


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