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Spirituality.  Quite simply it is the state reached when everything has meaning.  When you wake up and know this is going to be yet another satisfying/ rewarding day, full of positive experiences.

And how does one achieve this?

Well for starters, not by becoming a Buddhist or joining any other kind of cult/ ism.

Otherwise it’s remarkably easy.  First you have to embrace that we are all being conned.  The world as you and everyone else knows it is not actually real.  It’s a chimera.  Meticulously constructed, entirely convincing, but serving only one purpose, to make its creators, a handful of very powerful people, even more so.

They do this by getting us to convince each other that life has no more point than earning money.   That if we do well this we will be happier and healthier.  Except it’s a lie, even millionaires can never have enough, and they certainly die just as pointlessly as anyone else.  But if you are prepared to step outside this world, accept there is a real alternative beyond, then I promise the impossible can happen.

Hard to imagine, especially when there are so many ways to enlightenment without having to give up anything or go against the view of the majority.  We wasted many years thinking you could have both too.  That and shaking off all those addictions: television/ radio/ newspapers/ sugar/ tobacco/ alcohol/ and of course money, the ultimate high.

But eventually managed it.  And after that there’s was just one small step left.  To get a place of our own, with the potential to live totally outside that system, and become self-sufficient.  A way of life without debt or need for income.  That’s when true spirituality kicks in, it’s the most fulfilling and meaningful feeling anyone can experience.  To have provided not only your own shelter/ food/ water/ and warmth, but everything else you could need as well.  Okay, there is the small matter of learning how to do this, but it’s not so hard.  You actually know most of it already, we’re actually born with the knowledge of how to survive programmed into our DNA, and that will all come back to you eventually.  Not from books, but through observation and experimentation, as well as tuning in to what is in effect the ultimate source of knowledge and energy, the thing that connects/ earths all living things, Nature.

A life spent in this way will also repair and revitalise even the most weak or sick.  A daily diet of no more than what the body requires: healthy food, sunshine, meaningful exercise from making what we need, and drinking only pure spring water, is far more powerful than any western medicine can buy.

Just follow the examples on these pages and I guarantee you will discover a joy of life unparalleled.

And True Enlightenment will be yours.  You’ll know it when you no longer want (or need) to leave the house/ garden.

a simpler life, el pocito, solar powered

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  1. Steve said:

    Hi Maureen & Phil,
    Just found your blog – really enjoying reading about your experiences. We are Steve & Denise, we are about to make a similar journey to Tuscany. Checked out of the stress and strain of living and working in London. We have a small house with some land and plan to be a little self sufficient and to live a quieter life!

    Thanks for a really informative blog and good luck with your future.

    All the best
    Steve & Denise

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