a simpler life el pocito header coursesDespite us having worked full-time on becoming self-sufficiency for more than twenty years now, with hands-on day-to-day real-life experience of: forest gardening, bio-dynamic agriculture, herbalism, homeopathy, acupuncture, urine therapy,  alternative energy, composting human waste and grey water treatment, and natural building techniques.  As we work towards becoming as sustainable as it is possible to be – almost zero dependency on money.  There will not be ANY courses run here at EL POCITO this year, or at any time in the future, EVER.


Because COURSES are nothing more than the latest in a long line of distractions aimed at fooling us we are doing something positive about the crisis that faces our planet and species, WITHOUT having to take any individual responsibility.

The premise that they teach us any useful skills is a lie.   The majority of participants fail to lean anything, and the few who have come with a real need leave merely more confused.  For obvious reasons.  The set-up of courses is exactly the same as with conventional school/ university education, where a group of students (class) is expected to grasp a specific theme/ concept within a set amount of time in a set way.  Plainly impossible.  Because few have sufficient interest/ motivation, and even when they do, each learns in their own very different way.  To stand any chance of success, the course organiser would have to vet each applicant for suitability, then find the best method for that student.  A ratio of teacher to student of at least 1 (or more):1.

Not helped that participants’ primary motivation for attending this kind of course is on the whole merely to fill free time left over from the primary task of earning money, and to massage their egos.  And for the host, to make a lot of money very quickly and for little outlay.

Courses are also unethical.  It is immoral to charge for knowledge, in fact it is our primary duty to each share what we know as widely as possible.  Also every penny earned (and spent by the participants) in this kind of endeavour is of course hastening the destruction of our ecology.

Neither do courses “enable”.  Instead they perpetuate the myth that there are “experts” out there, while actively suppressing the fact that we each are born with this amazing ability to find stuff out for ourselves.  But to do this we have to accept that when faced with problems we alone can work them out, by step-by-step testing ideas and learning from those outcomes.  The saying that a fool is someone who is too proud to ask questions could not be more apt.  Books can help, by leading in us in certain directions, but fundamentally all we actually need when it comes to learning how to be more self-sufficient and do our duty towards saving the planet, is to make that step and change our lives.  Break through that hesitancy which comes from believing others will save us, and that in the meantime it is okay for us to carry on earning and spending money as we like.  Take the initiative and use what little time is left to finding other ways.  Live sustainably.  It is possible, for anyone, and it will change your life in ways you have only dreamed of.

However, if after reading this you still choose to do nothing, then please use the money you would have spent on courses buying some trees instead.

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