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Moving to Spain is not to be undertaken lightly.  The paperwork alone is a nightmare.  And you’ll probably never be able to recoup the investment if you change your mind.  But it is the place to reduce outgoings significantly/ live more sustainably/ healthier/ and escape the urban experiment.  Right now prices are at rock bottom too.  We started this page because our neighbour wanted to sell his finca, and reckoned (rightly) the only people interested would be foreign folk like us.  Since then we’ve featured several properties of friends (and sold two), so if you’d like to feature yours just send us the details + photos, and for no more than a gift of some chocolate we’ll add them.  Currently there is:

The finca next to ours.  Very handy when you need help or want to share stuff.  South-facing, so plenty of solar power potential.  The house and garden will need a lot of work but it’s possible to move in straight away and perfect for someone new to smallholding/ self-sufficiency.

And a house in Almonaster la Real.  This is currently the home of couple who sold us El Pocito, but they have just finished building a new place just outside town.  To be perfectly honest it’s in a terrible mess right now, but the price is so good you could demolish it and build a really lovely replacement.  Next-door did that recently and it is lovely.  Plus Almonaster la Real is the best town in the whole of Huelva.


the finca

1.4 hectares of hillside.  With cork trees (from which there is an income)/ oak (for rearing pigs)/ & chestnut (timber).  It will require fencing for any further planting/ horticulture.  The house, on one floor (50m2) is newish but needs substantial remodelling.  Water is plentiful, both from a spring & borehole.  No mains electricity.

Access is like ours, very poor.  Via a public forestry track/ footpath and would require either a 4 x 4, donkey (I’m serious), or mountain bike.  At some point in the future we hope the local council will repair it sufficient for ordinary vehicles.

The price is negotiable, starting at 72 000 euros, but will probably take less for a quick sale.

email us for more details

the house in town

A four bedroom terraced property, opposite the town’s spring (where everyone gets their drinking water).  A really nice location, just 50 m from the town hall/ shops/ and bars.  And with enough hard work/ capital (and a lot of patience) could make either a very nice family home or small b&b (the town gets tourists all-year-round).  Also includes a patio (which could be a nice garden) and workshop/ storage building to the rear.

email us for more details

a simpler life, el pocito, solar powered

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