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I started writing this as my ultimate blog, also the moment when I would cease to use all social networks, but along the way circumstances changed.  We ended up leaving EL POCITO without selling or being able to pass it onto a new owner, so the task of tying up that loose end continues and needs must as they say.

In order to speed up things the price has been dropped again, now to 75,000 euros.  If anyone is interested in viewing you can contact me by email (monkeyandsofia@yahoo.co.uk) or by FB Messenger or WhatsApp +34 633 731 906.  I am sorry there is no possibility of talking by phone, coverage is nonexistent here (a very good thing).  However, you can be reassured that along with a very good price, all the legal paperwork is in order, and contracts can be exchanged in as little as 2 days.  We will pay all the seller costs, the buyer only has the Land Registry fee.  Viewing can be arranged with friends in the town, who speak english.

Meanwhile, back to what was going to be my last blog…

After 28 years of writing.  First by self-publishing, making real printed books, stuff that lasts the test of time, then with the advent of the internet (and a massive hike in postal charges) blogging, which lasts only a few seconds if you are lucky.  I have decided it is high time to stop wasting my time and use it more constructively.

The experience of the last three years, trying to sell EL POCITO, has shown me the light.  The time taken up with cycling to town every day to post, constantly having to find new sources of free wi-fi, of replying to at least ten to twenty mostly inane messages every single day, all for nothing, has made me realise that writing anything these days is a huge waste of life.  Sad but true, most people these days are dreamers, not diggers.  No matter what wisdom I have to share, it is worthless, society has everyone fearful of doing anything but the right thing, from walking outside the lines.  The idea of living on their own terms, has all but disappeared.  Only a tiny number do, but for them it is from necessity.

Which to me, is total madness.  Even when I was down to only 20 euros a week, I still knew I was in an enviable position.  No rent or mortgage to pay, a (new) roof over my head, free electricity, free pure spring water, free heating, and no taxes whatsoever.  All set in one of the most beautiful landscapes imaginable.

While at the same time, back in the London Borough of Lewisham (where I grew up), they are living crammed into each square kilometre with 7,441 others.  At EL POCITO I was the only person in several hundred square kilometres.  At EL POCITO there were 300 days of sunshine.  Virtually no crime.  Everyone you met in town knew your name and would always say hello.

This became even more apparent this weekend, when we returned to the UK, for it was to a very different England, one I hardly recognised.  I am not overstating this, but Nature no longer exists there.  Humanity has “cleansed” the other species for its own benefit.  It has become one vast monoculture.  Where even sustainability has become big business.  Except, as anyone who has the slightest clue as to how ecology functions knows, will eventually be its Achilles heel.  Either the vast overpopulation, exponential rise in car ownership, or simply too much money and shopping, will turn it into another Easter Island, the inhabitants raping the land in order to appease their god, then becoming extinct as a consequence.

And as if to put that in context, today I was sitting in a café where they had Radio 2 on, and experienced a true GROUNDHOG DAY moment.  The programme was exactly the same as if it had been forty years ago.  The same music, the same chat.  That is why everyone in England is the way they are now.  Why they voted to leave the EU.  Why they put up with a far-right government.  Because the media has made them like this, nothing has moved on in England in all the time I have been away.

I was very sad at having to leave EL POCITO, but at least in Shetland there is hope.  The lack of people, the vast oceans and wild weather to give true perspective, here I will find the necessary strength to build a new life once again.

Until my next last “last word” I will leave you in peace to ponder.  Abrazo to everyone.  Phil.

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  1. Jo said:

    Phil. Thank you for your thoughts, time and perspective. I understand how you feel and realise there are many many dreamers and very few pioneers. However I for one hugely enjoyed your ramblings! I hope you do sell el pocito, and find a new beautiful life on Shetland. You had a bigger influence than you perhaps realised. Peace to you and your new wife. Jo

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