– so long, and thanks for all the fish…


Well here we are, poised at the end of one great adventure, about to embark on another.

Sadly a buyer for EL POCITO has still not appeared, but we remain hopeful, while busy enough with the other awesome task, packing everything up (including our four lovely spanish rescue cats) ready to set forth on the epic road-trip to Shetland, which will begin regardless of a sale at the end of the month.  After that, from October onwards, this WordPress site will no longer be updated (so no more rants) and the accompanying Facebook account(s) will be terminated also.

Moving to Shetland will be a completely different world for me.  In order to embrace it fully we have decided therefore to switch off/ filter out all this electronic nonsense that has for the last three years consumed so much of our lives, and concentrate instead on living face-to-to face with real people in a real community,

Which means if anyone wants to contact us when we reach Shetland they will have to write: pen/ paper/ envelope/ stamp, remember those?

It would be wonderful to find a buyer for EL POCITO before we go, and to this end we have reduced the price even further, down from 130,000 euros to 85,000, but if no-one does appear by then we have decided to gift it to a person we know in the village who would love to carry on our dream.

Thank you everyone who has followed our journey over the past nineteen years, if any of you find yourselves in Shetland, be assured there will always be a warm welcome.

  1. Thank you Phil for this and all you have written over the years.
    A time of new dreams, all best for you both in Shetland

  2. Marcia Nair said:

    Dear One
    I have been observing yr Flow and wish to Thank You. Since I too “work” for food n shelter, I could not offer money Yet ample Attention I Can Pay… If Ever I raise the funds to travel out of south Africa? I will surely Enjoy Experience of This Dream Land yr Guardians of.

  3. E'ton Jo said:

    Aww going to miss your rants, and making sense!! Hope you come on here occasionally and keep us all informed with your life. Life goes on, and I am so glad you have a new life and love. I hope you sell your beautiful El Pocito. Take care Jo

  4. james said:

    Good luck,Good Health

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