– the Scottish gambit


No-one actually knows just how many UK citizens have taken advantage of the option to live in another european country since the EU was created, but they chose to because they were assured by the UK government that their rights (to free healthcare/ pensions/ etc) would remain the same.  They were lied to.  And the lies continue.

This is a bad state of affairs, very bad.  But it is not the end of their lying.  After BREXIT we will discover the real reason behind leaving the EU, becoming the 51st state of the US.  Bringing with it a swift and vast scaling down of public health services (after being promised the exact opposite in the Referendum)/ education/ and welfare.  In its place private provision, alongside US products on the supermarket shelves (instead of what is currently imported from the EU), and a new GB$ currency.

There is nothing any of us can do to stop this, not through the current system of democracy or by protest.

Or is there?

What if the people of Scotland played their trump card and at long last declared independence from being ruled over by the UK, along with an intention of staying a member of the EU?  For starters they would instantly be a lot better off.  Converting to the euro would also make business and travel more economic.  Scottish airports and ports would be busier.  And the border with England would become a lucrative gateway too, especially for businesses that depend on EU products (like Tesco), or they could relocate to Scotland.  It’s a win-win situation for the people of Scotland.  Already their health-care and public services are far better, which alone could be enough to stir indoctrinated English voters to force their government to do an about-turn, but it certainly will after Independence.  I would be first in the queue to request Scottish citizenship.  It is high time this unique culture took back what is rightfully theirs.  Followed in turn by Wales, and Northern Ireland (back to Eire).  The current situation is just like the recent past in Eastern Europe dictatorships, we can either resolve it peaceably by granting unique cultures their independence (and therefore access to far greater freedoms through membership of the EU) or face increased division and tension between the haves and have-nots.

I call upon the Scottish government to step in and do the right thing, for the sake of all UK citizens, before it is too late.

(the image was inspired by favourite Paul Smith scarf, worn daily for the last thirty years and now sadly too threadbare)

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  1. Aye Phil. Do you think they’d have me? Love at Christmas

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