– an alternative life?



Inspired by the acquisition of Sheri S Tepper’s THE VISITOR, my thoughts have been focused recently on perception.  How where we live is fundamental in shaping our behaviour and attitudes, not only towards others but the rest of the natural world.

For example, would you consider I live conventionally or alternatively?  The answer to that would be probably be the latter, but is this actually true?  What makes me different from anyone else?  Especially when more than half of the people on this planet don’t have a connection to mains services either.  A lot more don’t have any income as well.  More people use other forms of medicine than western.  All of which is just about us, what about the rest of the species?

This is a perceptual thing, and it could actually be one of our biggest problems, that those of us living in the rich countries, those doing all the overpopulating and destruction of our natural resources, are the ones who have no real sense of reality.

BREXIT being a classic example.  Its jingoist message has created even more nationalist sentiment and bile than even existed before.  More people now feel proud to be British, and that is truly scary.  For not only are geographical boundaries totally arbitrary and endlessly changing, there is absolutely no difference between someone who was born or chose to live in one country over any other.

This is why it is so important for the UK to stay in the EU, and for the EU to continue increasing its membership.  Only when you have open frontiers like this, a single currency, do people really begin to appreciate their equality with each other, as well as their unique cultures.  And it is the only way to govern the massive population and environmental changes necessary to save us and all the other remaining species from imminent extinction.

There are obviously inherent problems with this, corruption in government increases in direct correlation with the amount of wealth at its disposal, but the alternative, lots of small very aggressive nationalistic countries, spending an inordinate amount on armed forces, which will never work for the good of all (including the non-human species), only those who rule over them.

How BREXIT can be overturned and the UK accept being a full member of the EU (including adoption of the euro instead of the dollar) is beyond me.  I do know though that it will not be with petitions or demonstrations.  There has to be a total change of heart, by everyone, a realisation that life is not about me and what I want, but living on this single borderless planet, and sharing it on a equal sustainable basis with all the other species.

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