– shit


… finally I’ve realised why so few people get what I’m banging on about.  It’s because unless we spend our entire life travelling (which I do not want to encourage anyone to do), our view of the world, what we actually know about it, from first-hand experience, base all our judgements on, is only an infinitesimal fragment of the whole.  Which we fill in with stuff we pick up from tv/ the media/ holidays, which is always going to be someone else’s agenda so not to be trusted.  We also generally tend to live in urbanisations (even out in the countryside), which are constantly evolving.  Take Sydenham (in South London), for example, where I grew up.  As a child this was like a village, pretty much self-contained, you could get most of what you needed from its High Street.  There were at most only four or five cars on our street, you could play football on the South Circular.  Forty years before that totally surrounded by countryside, the predominant form of transport the horse.  Hundred years earlier, it was a totally self-sufficient entity.

Today, everything is brought in, from somewhere else.  The daily backdrop is a relentless one, of houses/ shops/ roads/ 4x4s bumper to bumper, which continue unbroken right out to the M25, and beyond.  Everything in it totally man-made, or the kind of nature which has been extremely man-icured, for our appreciation and of no actual natural use.  In fact you won’t find a square metre in the entire UK where nature is as it wants/ intends.

Luckily, outside countries like this, until recently, there was what the planet needed to create and sustain life, its biomass.  In the vast areas of wilderness that were too remote for urbanisation. Except that has all changed now too, radically.  Gone are the prehistoric forests, with their billions of interdependent life forms that dwelt and depended within, and in their stead a vast new vista of infinite industrial estates.  Built to profit from a species that has doubled its number over the last fifty years, along with its spending per capita.  Prairie-style farms/ factory farms/ factories creating all the other kinds of products/ and mining.  And in a way that has never happened before, totally artificially.

We aren’t shown this world.  Nor are we told how it works.  But this is where the majority of everything we live on comes from now.  All seemingly as before, nay apparently even more healthy, but in fact all a total lie.  Simply the world of money shifting its operation to a leaner/ meaner one.  Because finally this what life has evolved into, and by this I mean all life, the sum total of our ecology.  What the rich (of our particular species) want.  Using whatever necessary, to do that as efficiently and profitably as they can.  Which for us means they are making this stuff totally outside any kind of regulation.  It may be labelled (organic included), but that bears no relation whatsoever to what they actually put in, how it is grown, or any other danger to life it may pose.  There is no control.  I repeat NOTHING is as it is claimed.  Nor is there any restriction on what they chuck out as waste into the environment.

The places this goes on in are hell, literally.  Both for the people who have to work there, the animals and plants used and slaughtered by the billions each day, and of course eventually for us.

In the last fifty years alone they’ve destroyed 83% of the planet’s biomass.  We are happily eating this stuff, even though we don’t know how or what is made with.  Using their appliances, that knowing cause cancer.  Breathing air they’ve globally contaminated with their industries, water too.  Is it any shock to hear average life-expectancy in the UK is now dropping instead of increasing?  Despite all the apparent good life that exists now?  Is it any shock they raised the age for pensions?





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