– water, water, everywhere…


…water, water, water, everywhere, yet apparently still not enough.  Call me old-fashioned, but surely this kind of inane comment is for the blithering stupid.  Of course there is enough, most of the planet is water.  What is wrong is we are using far too much of it.  So why can’t those who rule-over-us tackle that, instead of causing alarm and imposing hosepipe bans?  Why?  Because they are making more money by not doing anything.

Relatively speaking, lets say before the Industrial Revolution for example, before we set about destroying all the natural and finite resources of our planet, consumption per person was tiny.  A few litres a day for hydration and cooking (all of which was easily recyclable), anything else the same.

Today is another story though.  First, there are a hell of a lot more of us than then (just two hundred years ago), and this is increasing by the second, exponentially.  Second, we each use a lot more water, mostly for ridiculously pointless activities (daily bath/ shower + dishwasher + washing machine + flush toilet/ bidet + cleaning the car + swimming pool + et al).  Third, and in ways that make it impossible to treat afterwards.  Contaminated with deadly chemical products and our own excrement, which then are sent untreated to pollute rivers, the sea, and finally our pure source of water.  Fourth, and most scary of all, industry uses more than all of use combined, to make yet more pointless stuff (which we now feel we can’t live without), the waste from which is definitely beyond redemption.

All our water currently comes from reservoirs and springs (underground reservoirs).  Which being a specific surface area and depth can only catch and hold a finite amount of water, regardless of how much rain there is.  The current system is very old, it wasn’t designed to meet the demand now being placed upon it (nor the treatment centres).  And while the obvious solution would be to build more, promote personal rainwater harvesting, and find new ways to treat contamination, this is the wrong route to take.  Why?  Because we’re not responsible enough.  Water is the most important resource on the planet (after oxygen).  If we really want to protect that, what little is left, then we have to act more sensibly.  Which means at the very least each household and business being allotted a sustainable quota per month, which if exceeded the supply is cut off.  Also, all waste water, like other forms of household/ industrial recycling, has to be treated separately rather than mixed together.

None of this is rocket science, it is simply common sense.

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