– short of cash?


The good folk of Lewes, East Sussex, think they have the solution to their liquidity problems.  It’s called ELDER ABUSE.

In a town where houses start at £350,000, breakfast will leave you with no change from £10, a burger in a bar £12.  Where no-one would dare to deny their child a private education.  Where it is impossible to get through a day without a visit to one’s complimentary medicine practitioner.  You need plenty of folding ones.  And this is where the parents come in.  Sitting there on all that unused capital, while you and the grandchildren are suffering so miserably.  Sling them out to a caravan site in the middle of nowhere, and everyone can be happy again.

If you find this ad offensive (and I hope you do), please let http://boutiqueparks.co.uk know.

Thank goodness I don’t have children.

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