– don’t let them waste your precious life

Today’s theme was sparked by a lovely video received recently.  I didn’t know the person before, but it seems we are on totally the same wavelength.  Take a look (it’s only 1m 35sec) before reading any further.

This is the home of Lotus and Steve, very much like El Pocito (except situated in neighbouring Portugal), pared down to the essential basics though still containing everything anyone would ever need to lead a very fulfilling healthy long life.  Got me thinking, about why more people don’t do this.  Maureen and I for example, originally just your stereotypical ordinary couple, waited until we paid off our mortgage (at the relatively old age of 43 & 44), before thinking of embarking on it.  Which was totally unnecessary, because land like this can still be found for next-to-nothing (Lotus & Steve worked and saved for just 6 years to afford all this).  In fact taking it a step further, why waste any time, when by reducing the school-leaving age and allowing young people to begin earning earlier (with education credits to use later if they want), they could work/ save enough while still living at home, that by the time they would otherwise have completed a totally pointless further/ higher education (along with accumulating a huge student loan debt), be able to buy a place outright.  Neatly circumventing all this ludicrous intense social pressure (invented by guess who?), to waste our precious lives instead chasing an imaginary career, getting into debt buying/ renting successive bigger/ better/ more expensive homes, filling them with equal amounts of pointless rubbish, procreating, while adding to all that with holidays and other diversions to hopefully get some kind of respite from all the stress.  Only to discover that at the end of chasing this pot of gold/ rainbow, those-who-rule-over-us have moved the retirement goal posts (again), and you are either too scared to want to have any other kind of existence/ ill/ or dead.

The beauty of what Lotus & Steve chose is you don’t ever have to get into any of the above, because it is so cheap, both to buy and live thereafter, achievable by anyone.  Plus there are all the other benefits.  Notably the planet doesn’t have to suffer anywhere near as much by your grossly overpopulated presence.  Anyway enough of my ranting, just thought I’d share that with you.

I also wanted to write this because sadly Lotus & Steve suffered a minor setback recently (although they won’t thank me for calling it that), and I thought they could do with your help.  Thanks to a cruel act of arson their place was burnt to the ground last month.  Devastatingly they lost not only a precious cat but all their lifetime memories, stuff that can be never replaced, as well as having to face the coming winter without their beautiful/ cosy home.  There is a crowd-funding appeal set-up to help raise the necessary £7,000 needed (the land will recover on its own to be even better), please donate if you can:  https://www.youcaring.com/lotusmoran-986152/update/760977?fb_action_ids=10156049737066614&fb_action_types=youcaringcom%3Apost

Finally here is a photo of Lotus, I think it is lovely.


  1. pmmcur said:

    yes, beautiful. thank you. i’ll check if I can contribute in some way

  2. Alexander Pelikan said:

    Beautiful! I donated…

    2017-11-12 13:12 GMT+01:00 el pocito :

    > maureen and phil rooksby posted: “Today’s theme was sparked by a lovely > video received recently. I didn’t know the person before, but it seems we > are on totally the same wavelength. Take a look (it’s only 1m 35sec) > before reading any further. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6EeyTDIUV0M” >

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