– the A-Z of CORRUPTION, FOR DUMMIES, part one


The first in what I hope will be an occasional series about how wherever there is money/ power/ or influence, corruption lurks also, usually in equal measure.

This is not something in the UK most people know much about, at least not first-hand.  Probably because being one of the richest/ most powerful countries in the world, those who stand to gain most from it want to retain that privilege, otherwise if everyone realised just how corrupt those who rule over us actually are they’d no longer have that right.

Except in Spain the opposite is the case.  To be accused of corruption here (especially to get away with it) turns you into an overnight celebrity.  The daily prole-fodder mediums actually encouraging this down through all levels of society, so those who are not involved have now become the absolute/ tiny minority.

My experiences (first-hand) have been innumerable, the worst being public services (who still owe me nearly 20,000 euros), the latest of which is CORREOS, the spanish Post Office.  In particular MARINA PADILLA ALFARO, who while merely an employee for this company, still feels it is perfectly just to defend a scam which illegally fleeces thousands daily.

This concerns packets/ parcels entering the country from outside the EU (letters for some reason are not affected).  As a matter of course now, when they arrive in Madrid, they are automatically subject to three forms of taxes.  One, on the value of goods enclosed.  One, for the extra cost of delivery within Spain.  And the other, VAT/ IVA on the former.  Typically this adds 100+% to the cost of buying anything from outside the EU.  BREXIT supporters please note, this will happen in the UK eventually.  Prepare for massive inflation.

All fine you may say.  There is the choice of buying solely within the EU.  Except all of this is totally illegal.  In spanish and EU law, if you receive something as a gift then it is not liable for any import duty.  If it is a book, likewise.  If the sender has already paid the full cost of delivery then it is also illegal to charge extra (plus VAT/ IVA).

Oddly though, if the parcel/ packet was sent via a third-party (like AMAZON/ E-Bay), then it goes straight through without attracting any charges.  How?

As with all spanish public services, it is impossible to complain.  You have to pay up or not be able to receive the parcel/ packet.  Obviously MARINA PADILLA ALFARO has never had this problem otherwise she wouldn’t defend it so vehemently.

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