– victim or survivor?


This is a post inviting no comment (which means I will delete if necessary), merely a statement of what happened to me and what I now know to be true.  It is for you to decide or act on the information.  I would like to say however, for those who think my outlook tends towards the doom and gloom end of the spectrum, that Samuel Beckett, when similarly charged, an offence he firmly denied, arguing that those who are labelled pessimists are actually the true optimists – for were it not for their belief that the world, however awful, could be improved, they would not bother raising the issues.  Optimists, he added, are the true pessimists, in that they are so convinced the situation is beyond repair, all they can do is pretend there is nothing wrong with it.

Throughout life, if you are lucky, strange and wonderful things will happen, some of which are not only unique and amazing, but totally unexplainable.  This has happened to me several times, including seeing my doppelgänger (sadly only fleetingly, but close enough, also confirmed by several others sightings by friends).  Though the most impressive happened twenty-five years ago, and it was so bizarre that it changed our lives, totally.  It was on a dark winter night, when we were still living deep in the North Yorkshire countryside.  There was a knock at the door, and outside a stranger, who asked for us by name then introduced himself as from a group who wanted to save the species from imminent extinction.  I won’t go into more detail, but he/ they believed the planet was about to wipe us out by an inundation from the sea.  A select few though would be allowed to survive, those thought most likely to be a positive force in the future.  As to how or when this would happen, no more was known.  If we wanted to survive then we should move immediately to SW Europe, find a place there at a height of not least than 600m above sea-level, and wait.  Which is exactly what we did, though until now told no-one else because it was so bizarre.  Even writing this now makes it read like a visitation from aliens, but the man proved to be perfectly human and genuine.

Nothing did happen as it turned out, but in the interim we discovered many other people who shared the same belief (including the writers Sheri S Tepper and Ronald Wright), which makes me think all life-forms must be able to tap into a collective consciousness.  And then this week a friend, who is working with NASA satellite mapping the rate of melt at the polar ice-caps, filled in the missing “how” and “when”.  Within four years all the ice will have gone.  The sea-level will increase by 50 metres (there is an online map of the world to discover what this means for you – http://geology.com/sea-level-rise/).  The rest is unknown.

As I said, I am not inviting comment about this, merely posting it to repay an act of unsolicited kindness/ trust shown to us 25 years ago.  Passing on the word to save others, as none of the world’s media/ governments seem interested.  It is your choice.

ps.  Now we know why BREXIT was invented. A smokescreen/ diversion from what is really going on.

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