– will the last one out please turn off the light


Despite finding what must be the largest variety and membership of environmental groups (in the world), I have yet to come across one mention in any of their postings that there is another living soul who understands what is happening to the planet, and therefore the concept of SUSTAINABILITY.  Incredible.

How is this, especially when even a small child can grasp the complexities of a mobile or laptop?

How can the most ardent/ intelligent environmentalists fail to grasp even the simplest of concepts, ie how the eco-system works?

So for them, and indeed everyone else it seems, here is my latest attempt to make it plain and simple for anyone:

RULE NUMBER ONE.  When you take something out (of the eco-system), ie spend or buy anything, you have to put it back, ie re-plant or replace with like.  Not a part, but all.  Or, as Rudolf Steiner describes (far better): each family should have its own plot of land, a place where they live and work at growing everything they need.  And with that then nothing is required to be brought in (bought), or taken out (sold).

It’s the same as having a bank account, you need to put money in to be able to make withdrawals, except in this case there is no option for an overdraft or credit.

RULE NUMBER TWO.  The planet is not ours for the taking.  It is a highly complex (far too complex for our simple brains to understand) inter-dependency between an infinite number of diverse species and their populations, where the sum total is what provides everything with the necessities for existence.  In our case: air to breathe/ water to drink/ food to sustain us/ shelter and warmth.  If we attempt to interfere with this in any way (reduce other species populations, destroy habitats, increase our population beyond its set level) then we are affecting its function.  Or to be more specific, acting as we are now, clubbing it into extinction.

This is such simple stuff.  Yet still not a soul gets it.  I bet no-one reading this has ever put anything back, let alone even realised you had to.  This makes single-celled creatures more intelligent than us.  At least none of them would ever destroy the means that gives them life.

So next time you go to spend money (any money, even if it is just on a coffee)/ congratulate a friend or relative on their pregnancy/ boast about what you’ve just acquired or been to on holiday/ how green or vegetarian or vegan or raw your lifestyle is.  STOP right there.  And for a moment (at least) consider how stupid all this has got.  Do you really want the end of the world to happen this year?  Or next?  Because that is how close it has got already.  And don’t imagine anyone in power is interested, they’ve already got their future assured (elsewhere), you are just their means of paying for it.  If we really want to have a life beyond the end of the year, next year, then we have to start back on a path to true SUSTAINABILITY.  A way of living where we fit in once again.  Our global population has to be reduced (to a maximum of 5 million), the infinite number of other species (and their sustainable populations) we have destroyed have to be replaced, and from then on we must live lightly on the planet.  Being thick won’t help anyone.

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