– in denial


Stunned by the response to my last posting (as far as I know no-one read the previous one), I thought it best to quickly follow that up with something which has haunted me ever since A Level English.  It’s aimed at the tiny minority (of one, as I write, so they know who) that still don’t get it, choosing instead to believe in either their religion or government to stave off any possible global disaster.

It’s a book, PINCHER MARTIN by William Golding.  Set in World War II, aboard a destroyer, with just one character, the lookout.  Its night, and he fails to see in time a torpedo heading directly for the ship, to raise the alarm.  Consequently the boat goes down with all the crew, except for the lookout, who miraculously survives.  Eventually finding an outcrop of rock to drag himself up on, the rest of the book being about his survival.

Then right at the end we discover he also died in the explosion.  What we have read was a fantasy, the last few second until his brain died, desperately trying to create an imagined reality where there was no physical one.

The same effect is happening to us all right now.  The planet is dying, albeit slower, and we have switched from being practical beings (like all other species) to pure ego, in an attempt to survive/ pretend this isn’t happening.  Refusing to accept that three million years of sustainable behaviour was how we are meant to be, and instead following the crazy logic of a few power-mad zealots who have reigned over us for a mere couple of hundred years.

If we could chemically switch off this current ego mode and exist purely on id (instinct/ reality), then we would appreciate how stupid this is.  How unimportant we are in the grand scheme of things.  That we actually have no more right to live than any of all the other zillion species.  That this planet was never created for us.  But most significantly, that the diversity and populations of all those other species, especially the ones we have destroyed over the last 10,000 years, all need to be reinstated (including the reduction of ours) if we want to stand any chance of a future, not only for the children alive now, but having any more in the future.

  1. We are unimportant when measured against the big picture. In each one of our tiny lives, however, all what happens to us is important because that’s our experience right now and right here. I’m very aware of all the predicaments and I’m convinced there’s no way out, it’s too late. My comment to your last post meant to show how difficult ( if not impossible) is to leave this reality for most people. One of the reasons we are doomed and are dragging other species with us is because the majority is on denial, but another important reason nobody seems to acknowledge is that many of those not in denial, are trapped. Trapped by a system that may be stupid, illegitimate and all the other things, but also real. War, poverty, debt, mental or physical disabilities, chronic illnesses, lack of access to land, tools, skills, support network, etc. All those are very real for 90% of the population. A few have the guts, skills, freedom or resources to escape and do the right thing.

  2. Ronald said:

    I really share your thinking about our planet and our future and that is why I am preparing for a frugal life (I’m almost 62 and stop working by the end of this year). I’ll go living in a small house/cottage semi or fully off the grid. Although I do not think that my change of living will help the planet one bit (it is to late for that I am afraid) I still want to get out of this world where the only thing that matters is amassing “things” to feel good.
    Best of luck to all of you

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