– are we failing to see the wood, for what is left of the trees?


BREXIT was a real nightmare, but now the dust has settled maybe after all the fuss it was just what was needed.  To get people, who  otherwise wouldn’t bother to think about such things, appreciating how much we are being ripped off, though not by the EU, by our own government.

It certainly made me think about what all that tax goes on.  And from there it was a short leap to discovering something even more sinister.

Take the welfare budget for instance.  It’s a joke.  Over half is spent on providing the infrastructure (staff/ premises/ etc).  Then if you’ve ever tried to get benefit, you’ll realise it has been set up to make the process as painful and difficult as possible.  Why?  Because they don’t want to pay out, just employ as many public servants (a rather apt phrase here, along with: the cost of living) as possible to keep the unemployment figures low.  Whereas far cheaper (and fairer) would be to scrap the whole thing (pensions included) and just give every resident over 16 a living wage.  Why hasn’t that been a referendum issue, especially now when Switzerland is proposing exactly this.

In direct contrast to helping those in need is the defence budget.  Which despite published expenditure is impossible to guess at, because they don’t want us to know.  It has to be large, because the UK is one of the top five spenders in the world.  While Switzerland and Ireland the lowest, and haven’t been involved in an armed conflict in living memory.  Another why?  Along with why does it rank higher in importance than any other public service provision?

Nuclear Power.  Not established to provide cheap electricity (it isn’t possible, the costs are the highest in the business), but solely to create the raw material for nuclear weapons.  Between 1957 and 1976 producing enough to supply the country’s needs for the next 200 years.  Again, the question has to be, why?

Education.  Slightly different concern here.  The question should be: why spend anything ?  The current system has been pointless ever since anyone can remember, so let’s save a whole load of money and scrap it altogether.  Except then who would condition the future workforce?  Who would babysit them so their parents can carry on working?  The truth is, nothing of value can be taught, and most sixteen-year olds would be just as adequately prepared without it.  It is parents who should bear the cost of babysitting, then perhaps they would think twice about having them in the first place.  Likewise, employers the cost of training.  Or if it is still considered important to have a culture which fosters adaptability/ creativity/ ability to think independently/ be inventive/ original, then look no further than the Steiner/ Waldolf approach for the answers.  What does need to be taught though is the very basics of life.  Like how the planet actually works,and what we all need to be doing to ensure there is future.  Because right now the current ecological meltdown needs everybody to put pressure on those who are the major cause (more on that in a moment).  Also teaching practicalities that will soon become essential once again, like how to construct shelter/ gathering & growing food/ keeping warm/ generating energy/ staying healthy.

Health.  What can I say?  We consider ourselves to be the most civilized species on the planet, at its most advance, and we spend more on killing each other than anything else, particularly health.  What’s more the service is provided is only partial and appallingly bad.  I despair.  It is the Third World.

Police.  My father was a policeman.  I grew up in the middle of London and it was like a village.  Nothing has been the same since the bobby was taken off the beat.

The Postal Service and Transport.  They fit together.  It doesn’t matter how much it costs to provide a national network of trains/ buses/ and postal workers, but it has to be re-instated now and made even better than before.  It’s the most sustainable, quickest, and cost-effective way to transport people/ products/ and mail around the country.

Libraries.  Reading is about learning the mistakes of the past and expanding your mind.  It educates and changes you in a way no other media can (including the internet, which is no better than a drug).  Librarians are the guides in this process.  There should be more provision not less.

And I’ll stop right there, this was meant to be just a selection.

Next.  Most people actually believe that progress is a law of nature, and improvement is the only way to evolve.  This has to be the biggest misconception ever.  A lie created by big business to justify them raping the planet for their personal profit.  We haven’t evolved at all (in fact our brain size has got smaller), we’ve just made more things to spend money on and waste our precious lives with.  And no other species has ever heard of progress.  For our first three million years we lived quite happily, without changing a thing, a period when it would be possible to go back and forth in time and not notice any difference.  In anything.  During the same period our population also remained stable throughout, as with all our species, at a total of just 100, 000.  Then 10,000 years ago something happened (nobody knows what) and things began slowly to change.  Three hundred years ago (the beginning of industrialisation) it suddenly accelerated, exponentially, until now the global population is a staggering 7.4 billion.

Progress is simply just another word for profit, for those who rule over us: the heads of the Civil Service/ MPs/ ambassadors/ House of Lords/ Royal Family.  They who decide what services are to be provided, without consulting the electorate.  And guess what, they are all wealthy business people in their own right.  Who use their positions not only to secure big fat commissions from awarding contracts, but are privy to insider information to trade in stocks and shares.  They are all at the very least millionaires, most more.  What kind of democracy are we talking about here?

Above them is our Head of State, the richest person in the world (worth trillions), the richest person ever in history.  And who during her reign has made poverty (both in the UK and worldwide, her business interests are worldwide) the highest ever/ illness and disease likewise/ wars and killing/ and of course ecological destruction.  Whilst ironically head of the Church too.  Matthew 19:21: Jesus answered “If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give them to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven.  Then come, follow me.  Who hasn’t been reading her own rule-book?

But let’s forget all that for the moment (as if the rich are ever going to listen to reason).  Far more important is what are we going to do about what the damage they have caused?  Money is what causes poverty/ illness/ wars/ and environmental destruction.  We are on the brink of another world war and major environmental collapse, yet no-one seems to think all this might be important to avert.  We are living on borrowed time.  If there was a delay in getting food to the shops today (say a tanker driver’s strike), then within 24 hours there would be nothing left.  If it continued people would start to die and within one month 90% of the population would be gone.  The current annual increase in temperatures (now 3%) could literally spark off another ice-age tomorrow.  Sea levels are already rising and set to continue another 50m (drowning most capital cities, all of Holland, and a good proportion of the UK).

We have a choice.  Either carry on, let this madness continue until finally the super-rich head off to their redoubts and safety.  Or demand a change now and start work reversing the damage.  It will require severe measures.  Pollution will have to be reduced to zero/ drastic cuts in energy consumption/ zero waste and 100% recycling/ no more mining for raw materials, all products and buildings will have to be created using renewable materials/ food grown locally/millions of broadleaved trees to be planted/ vast reduction in water use/birth control …..

Business and life are not (or ever were) compatible.  It is time for us to stop being victims, before it is too late.

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