If you are a UK citizen living in another EU country, own property there, or are planning a move soon, this affects you.

If the majority in the referendum is YES (to leave the EU) the following could happen:

You might lose your home/ land (it will certainly be hard to sell).  You might have to leave that country or face deportation.  You might lose your right to a UK pension, or discover it has been frozen.  You might have to pay for health cover from now on.

The UK government is trying it’s best to force this through by promising every kind of safeguard.  This is not binding.  The only real assurance is if everyone votes NO.

Make sure you have a vote (and use it) by visiting http://gov.uk/register-to-vote.  Then immediately re-post/ SHARE this with everyone you know.  Remind them again just before the day (make a note now).

Don’t assume it won’t affect you, that you have accumulated rights to residency in your new homeland.  In this case it will and you haven’t.  You/ me and 6 million other innocent souls who up ‘til now thought they had escaped the UK regime and were trying to get on with their lives anew.

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