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I’ve been holding off writing this, because I had hoped the dilemma would have solved itself by now, or at least there was a less public way of appealing for help.

But no there isn’t. Not for me or the hundreds of thousands of others who are suffering a similar fate. By which I mean singledom.

Don’t laugh, I’m deadly serious. When you are literally all alone in the world life simply isn’t worth living, and that’s a fact. If I had a pistol right now I would prefer to shoot myself in the head than face yet another day without there being some significant other here to give my existence a point. Okay I grant you there is a small minority who chose to be single, but on the whole we ALL need company to function. And by that I mean to be able to do ANYTHING. Being single is like being hobbled, living in a state of stasis while more or less invisible to the rest of the world.

And before you start writing with worldly (and esoteric) wisdom, forget it, I’ve had a shed-load over the last two and half years, mostly from those who have no idea what they are talking about, mostly from those in smug couples.

Miss Right is not going to suddenly appear in Almonaster and see only me. The only answer therefore, as with everything else in life, is to be proactive, shout it out, until Ms Right hears and makes contact.

So here goes. Either you, or someone close to you (your partner/ friends/ family/ colleagues) must know other single people (at least one). Go to them right now (before you forget) and tell them all about me. Give them the link to my site (https://elpocito.wordpress.com), Facebook page (http://facebook.com/phil.rooksby/), and then get them to promise to make contact (monkeyandsofia@yahoo.co.uk). Do that and know you have helped two trapped souls be free again.

Please do this, or at the very least copy and SHARE it on whatever social media you are connected to. One day there will be a GOOGLE or FACEBOOK for single people to meet up (why has no-one thought of this?), until then we each have to do what we can for ourselves.

Many thanks in anticipation.



  1. Katrina said:

    Good luck in your quest Phil. Keep the doors of your heart open and who knows which bird will come to nest in there. 💗

  2. I’m one of those who I think has chosen to be single; I’ve never been married and have no children and always seemed to choose people who weren’t really available. I’m claustrophobic at the thought of anyone disrupting my equilibrium on a regular basis. I might wish that I had had what you and Maureen had, but can’t quit fit it in to how it would possibly work save that I had been born a twin. That said, yes it is sometimes lonely and especially at this age of 64 when thoughts of mortality lace my dreams and wake with my weary bones. However, to say there is nothing worth living for is far, far, far from anything I can imagine and I can’t fathom how you can feel this way unless you are truly suffering from depression. I have aspired to an isolated life and it is by my own doing that I have little social interaction. I wish I could do better, but it is just not in me to want to be with other other than in line at the grocery. I have wonderful encounters all the same and the worst thing I can imagine at this point in my life is not existing. It’s a beautiful life, far, far too short.

    • I meant to mention that I have a friend you might like who just lost her life partner and is feeling rather awful.

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