– Phil’s “manifesto” for democracy

A couple of months ago, using official UK gov figures for 2016, I calculated that if you did away with the whole pension/ unemployment benefit/ and social security system, replacing it instead with a single annual payment of say £10,000 to everyone over school-leaving age, then not only would all (including the economy) benefit, but the current cost (to the taxpayer) would be reduced by several times the current cost. Also, gone forever would be the stigma of “unemployed”, “on benefits”, or “pensioner.”

Thinking further along these lines I now reckon even greater savings could be made. This time if you simplified the taxation system as well. Replace everything with just one tax. This time on spending. Modifying VAT so it netted the income required, but with the various rates reflecting the sustainability of the product/ service offered, as well as its relevance to the needs for everyday life. Non-processed food for example, heat, and housing, would be zero rated. Luxuries only the richest could afford, the highest. All businesses would be required to install a computerised VAT, which linked directly to the tax office instantly uploaded transactions (doing away with the need for presenting accounts), and providing a receipt to the customer.

On a roll now, so let’s try some more. Further savings could also be made by a requirement that all government spending be ONLY on providing “services”. This way, anomalies such as the “armed forces,” would have to be made relevant to all those they serve, such as coping with national emergencies and not fighting wars outside the country.

Finally, let’s have a go at making the education system actually work. Not just by adding the to the curriculum all the basic skills required for everyday living (ecology and sustainability/ natural building and repair/ nutrition and healthiness). But at the end of the primary school, that everyone is given the choice of staying on into secondary education, or leaving with vouchers for the equivalent of ten years education, redeemable when and on what they feel is relevant.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

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