– Saturday 28th March 2015

a simpler life el pocito blog 02At long last, here it is. Maureen’s story of how we gave up on leading a conventional life and invented our own. One where we could spend each and every day making lovely things, with natural and recycled materials, surrounded by tons of nature, and sharing it with lots of cats. The nine-year search for the right place is told in a gripping way and packed full of emotion.

Copies are free. All you have to do is click here and follow the instructions to download the pdf, which can then be read on any computer/ tablet/ i-pad/ or Kindle.

In return all I ask is that you copy/ share this message (via email/ facebook/ twitter/ or any other social media) with your friends and the world. Let Maureen’s wise words spread exponentially via the internet around the globe and back again!

And please feel free to email me with your feedback. Enjoy!

Phil xx

1 comment
  1. Absolutely loved it through and through. Now I’m setting about reading each and every one of both of you blog posts. Thank you for sharing your hearts and souls.

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