– Transition town movement (3)

This is for those confident enough to add stuff up then appreciate what that total means.  Because now you know the global population is way over being sustainable (7 billion and increasing every 8 seconds), which in itself is worrying enough but then you have to add in how much damage each of these extra bodies is going to cause to the eco-system with their earning and spending, what do you plan to do about the knowledge?

Carry on as normal, or adopt the pay-as-you-learn Transition town movement “hobby” approach to surviving?  Because if it’s either of the above, all your education was a total waste of time and money.  The last thing anyone who understands what the numbers mean should do, is give up.  I have no idea what is going to happen next either, or when (tomorrow or in ten years time), but I do have a very strong will to survive and know that preparation is key.  I don’t want to end up like the Romans/ Egyptians/ Mayans/ or any of the other so-called civilizations who simply disappeared.  And whose example has not made a jot of difference to our so-called leaders, who are right now making exactly the same mistakes because it makes them a lot richer in the short-term.

My advice therefore is to sell everything you have, right now, and get as far away from other people as possible.  Seek a region or even another country where there is no urban mass close by and burrow away into the biggest piece of countryside you can afford, as inconspicuously as you can.  Build a home that is simple and snug.  Learn to live without the need for technology and things that will need fuel or spare parts in the future.  Plant an edible forest so others will not rob you of your precious food.  Buy a gun, with a supply of ammunition to last many many years, and learn how to hit a target with lethal force.

I used to laugh at the survivalist movement in the US.  Not any more.  Back in 2000, when we were still living in the UK, there was a petrol drivers strike.  That was enough to see how people will behave.  Within 24 hours all the major supermarkets within a 50 mile radius had sold out of the basics.  The government had no plan ready to feed the rest, and it still hasn’t, there still is only sufficient farmland to feed 1% of the population.

Time is running out.  The moment someone could have made a difference has past (unless a virus or asteroid wipes out the surplus in the interim).  Anyone with an ounce of sense should be making this their only priority from now on.

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