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I’ve just received in our inbox a flurry of postings from the yahoo group forum plants for a future, about a proposal to organise a bike ride around the UK visiting forest garden projects.  Normally I automatically delete these as I am not interested in what sad urbanites, who think they can combine two opposing worlds, have to say.  But one of the responses caught my eye.  And along with the four other replies (of his) inspired me.  Like no-one else ever has.

I’ll let you click on the links above and read it in context rather than attempt a summary, but along with our own current experience of being treated homoeopathically (by a real alternative practitioner), it has spurred me into writing again, this time about staying healthy.  Actually the page on this site – how to become healthier – contains much of what I’m going to say, but it seems you can never repeat it enough.

For despite the plethora of so-called nutritional expertise that we now have at our disposal (if we can afford to pay), including all their attendant crazes (RAW being one of the latest and craziest), there still isn’t a single person alive today who actually knows ANYTHING, not even close, about what it is our bodies actually need to work, or how they were designed.

Confused?  Well, let’s start with some facts.  First.  Everything we think of as safe or good for us (food/ drinks/ supplements/ herbs/ even the mains/ centralised services like tap water and the health service) are nothing more than a product.  Something someone somewhere sometime has dreamt up purely to make money from, or supply to keep us alive long enough to work and therefore make them money, either from labour or taxation.  Even seed comes under this category, and therefore so are the fruit and vegetables grown from them, including those we raise ourselves.  Even doctors.  They don’t do it because they want to help others.  They can’t, because they don’t know what that means.  It’s just a job, and a good one, because it earns them a lot more than most.

Second.  Because no-one knows how the body works, or cares, they are knowingly exposing us to stuff that they have no idea what it will do to us.  So chances are, that by consuming a product or visiting a conventional practitioner, it will make you very ill in the long term.  Add to that virtually all business/ professions are subject to corruption at some stage in the chain, this makes it inevitable.

Third.  Pollution.  In order to be able to buy into all this stuff you have to live in an urbanised area to work long enough to earn the money.  This is going to kill you too.  Fourth.  The recent exponential growth in global population has created a source of labour that far exceeds requirements, therefore expect working conditions and wages to drop dramatically in the future.  To choose to live dependent on these makes it is a 100% certainty you will not live a full and healthy life.

Why is this happening?  Because what our bodies actually need and what those who make the rules of society, decide how it is going to function, are totally different.  The latter is all about generating ever greater profits, not healthiness or protecting the ecology of the planet.  They don’t care about either.  Not for you or anyone else, only themselves.

So much for thinking we have evolved, and are above even all the other species.  When in fact we are dying younger and in ever increasing numbers, on a path that leads to only one thing – imminent self-destruction of the species and irreversible damage to the precious balance of the ecology of this planet.

Oddly enough this is a relatively new phenomenon.  Even a hundred years ago there were still people around, sufficiently cut off not to have attracted the attention of those who have asserted the right to rule over us, who did know all about healthy eating and lived in perfect tune with nature.  And at the very most it’s only been for the last 10, 000 years (of the 8 million we’ve been around) that the rest of us have been mislead.  Before then, there were no shops, no farming of any kind, and certainly no cooking.  A time when life expectancy could be as much as 130 years (if you were lucky), and for most of that enjoying a vitality of that of a thirty-year-old.  Purely because of the diet.  And what was it they ate then, different to the millions of healthy and scientifically proven choices we have on offer now?  Wild plants.  Nothing else.  Not gathered (or hoarded)/ prepared/ or even eaten as meals.  Simply foraged, picked and eaten raw.  When and as we felt the need.  Done totally unconsciously, with our bodies telling us what we needed.

This is an innate ability, we are all born with it pre-programmed into our genetic code from 8 million years ago, even if all the plants we need no longer exist in our current landscape.  All that has happened is that social pressure, the force we use to police ourselves, plus an education system administered by the state, has forced us to suppress it.  Luckily this is reversible.

So if you truly want to live a healthy life, then there is only one way.  Find a piece of land, well away from any kind of urbanisation, roads, or any other kind of pollution.  Live there as simply as possible, in a way that does not require employment or income.  And let nature reawaken in you what it is you need to plant and eat.  Stop being brainwashed into wasting your life as someone else’s lackey and then dying prematurely for it.

PS.  If all this sounds far too extreme (it isn’t, we’re not the only ones having a go), then consider the following.  Visit your local hospital and see just how many of your neighbours are queuing up for treatment, using a system of therapies that are not proven and undoubtedly will add to shortening their life.  All because they, like everyone else, believe that what they have been told/ what they can buy/ the health service, have been tested as safe and good for them.  When it simply isn’t true.  Just as you have to go to work, have a job.  When how much money you need is actually up to you.  It’s about where you choose to live, and how much you decide to spend.  Varying according to how lazy and gullible you are.  For example if you choose to buy something from a shop, then the price is going to be at the very least 35% more than if you bought direct (like them) from a wholesaler.  And that kind of waste could mean the difference between having to work five days a week or two-thirds that.  Or if you went the whole hog and made everything you need, yourself, the saving could be as much as 99%, with the corresponding need for work.  We all make a choice, so why not use it wisely.  Don’t wait to find out I’m right.

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