– farmers markets, pointing the way forward?

Readers of this site will already know my view on organic “products”.  For newcomers, very briefly, I have had so much experience of corruption and downright stupidity by commercial producers, plus the realisation that most of what we take for granted as ” food” is not what our body actually needs, that the organic symbol now means nothingto me.

However, with the opening of a regular (monthly) organic farmers market in Almonaster la Real, something I had not considered before has happened.  Possibly the answer to mass unemployment, along with the unsustainable practices of producing what we need for life elsewhere.

Here in the Sierra are thousands of hectares of unused countryside.  And right now its value is the lowest ever.  Virtually anyone who has a house with a value (after paying off the mortgage) of £100,000 (sterling), could swap their conventional life and instantly be on the path towards totall y”self-sufficiency”.  This would dramatically improve their family’s health (and sanity), improve the monoculture landscape here, and destroy part of the ecological problem that the use of money is dragging our species towards extinction.

Here are some photos of the market last wekend.

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  1. Hilary Bisschops said:

    These are very popular around the Waikato District where I live and I believe in other areas of NZ also. One friend I have goes no where else for her food. Excellent stuff.

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