– Quick start guide to sustainability

2 simple steps to living longer and making the world a better place for everyone

1)      stop having children.  There is no automatic right to procreate, divine/ natural/ or otherwise.  But there is a maximum limit on how many the planet can sustain, after which the precious biodiversity that ensures we all have enough clean air/ water/ and food, starts to collapse.  That point was reached at 3 million (globally).  And now there are 7 billion of us.  Thousands of irreplaceable species have been totally wiped out thanks to this selfishness, and now millions of our own are dying pointlessly too.  Meanwhile vasectomy costs virtually nothing, and is no more painful than a visit to the dentist.

2)      stop spending money.  The knock-on effect of an unsustainable population is the money they spend, and the effect that has on the environment.  Pollution, causing illness and disease, shortening life expectancy, and the systematically destruction of other species.  What is worse, of very pound/ euro we spend we only get back just 1 pence/ centimos in actual value, the other 99 pence/ centimos having gone straight into the pockets of those who rule over us.  Whereas if we each boycotted using it and made more of what we needed, by becoming self-sufficient, then everyone benefits.  Make at start by planning to save at least 10% on what you currently spend.  By:

–          cutting back on processed (ready-made) food and beverages (none of which is doing you any good whatsoever), using fresh raw ingredients instead to make your own

–          cease giving to charities (volunteer instead), use the car only for essential journeys

–          switch off electrical appliances when not in use, and get rid of those that are on all the time (ie fridge, freezer, cordless phone)

–          take fewer baths/ showers (3 a week is sufficient)

–          and do for yourself what currently you pay others to

More suggestions on the living on less money page .

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