– Recycling old computers

Last week we had a heat-wave.  Nothing new there, we are in the south of Spain, and it’s the pay-off for such wonderful weather the rest of the year (winter especially).  Except for seventy-two hours the temperature indoors and out didn’t drop below 42C (that’s 108F!).  It was impossible to go outside or do anything that required movement, even the mosquitoes kept their heads down.  We took it in turns to spray each other with water then fan ourselves to goose pimples.  Incredibly the ancient laptop still functioned (they are not supposed to at this temperature) and its tiny fan was wonderful.  And that got me thinking.  How if I connected a couple of these up we could have our own free air-conditioning at times like this.  The only problem is where to get hold of them for free.  Hence this.  If you have a redundant computer, could you send us the fan please.

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