– Stormy weather

I don’t appreciate blogging normally, to me it means valuable time wasted sharing the equivalent of the contents of your navel, while I could be out in the garden.  Right now though it’s pouring with rain, the first serious shower we’ve had for a year, and I took some photos that I think are worth sharing.  Why?  Because for the first time the really cheap automatic digital camera we have has produced images that show something of the views from here.  At 600 metres we have a spectacular 180 degree vista that at night stretches over 60 km into the distance, as far as the wind farm on the border with Portugal.  However, without a manual focus and f-ring usually impossible to record.  These storm shots give the best idea yet.

And while we’re on the subject, if anyone out there has a redundant slr digital they no longer need please get in touch.  We can’t afford to pay anything but can offer a swap, a vintage Olympus OM1 (black body) with lenses (Olympus 55mm f1.2 – oh yes – and an Olympus 28 mm f2.8).  The meter is rather unreliable, and the lenses have fungus (even the digital has it too now), but neither is impossible to fix, plus this is a classic.

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