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Yes, finally I managed to wear Pauline down and we got married at Lerwick Town Hall (that’s in Shetland) last week.  This was my very first visit to her “enchanted” isle, and everything was exactly as she said it would be, amazing (to use one of my favourite words), so now we can’t wait to move all our stuff (including four “rescue” cats) up there permanently.

The problem is I have run out of ideas on how to find a buyer for El Pocito.  The internet I can do, even just using free wi-fi hotspots managing to attract nearly 400,000 visitors to our website, of which a fair number then made the physical trip (from as far away as Finland) to take a look.  All of whom would have been perfect here, if only Chris Stewart (DRIVING OVER LEMONS) had chosen this location to write about and make famous, meanwhile it remains a secret known only to its locals.

Which leaves only one option, well two actually.  First, we need to make this even more widely known, surprisingly not everyone uses the same (or any) social media.  One incentive is to offer a commission of 3% on the sale price to whoever recommends the eventual buyer.

Second is, reduce the price.  Which up ‘til now I have been reluctant to do, because it would mean losing so much, not only all the years Maureen and I worked to raise the money to buy and renovate it in the first place, but all the work that has gone into the garden since as well.  But these days who knows how long any of us have to live, and frankly I want to enjoy every single day from now on, so from the original asking price of 130,000 euros the asking price is 95,000 euros (about £86,000).  And once you see this place you will be in no doubt what a true bargain that is.

Ideally we would like to sell by the end of this month or the next at the latest.  If you can help make this happen please get in touch.  Either by email: monkeyandsofia@yahoo.co.uk or WhatsApp: +34 633 731 906.

Many thanks in anticipation.  Phil & Pauline.

  1. So many congratulations, Phil! I wish you all the happiness in the world. xxx

  2. Good luck with finding a buyer quickly,your move to Shetland a to you both for a long and happy future there…and for the cats!

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