– Nigel Farage/ Boris Johnson/ Donald Trump, is there any difference?


Democracy has now ceased to exist in the UK.

Fact: it is now legal for a government to hold elections and deny anyone they feel may oppose them, the right to vote.

Fact: while it is currently still acceptable to hold national general elections every four years or less, it is not to repeat a referendum, even when it has been proved illegal on many counts (with grateful thanks to Angie Scarr for pointing this out to me).

Fact: immigration and the cost of EU membership is not ruining the NHS.

Fact: the NHS is staffed predominantly by immigrants.


This whole BREXIT debacle has been an amazing moment in UK history.  If it continues in the current vein a whole new system of government may evolve, one where hatred and fear elects dictatorship, followed by asset-stripping of all public services, then human rights.  I am ashamed to be known or recognised as english.  And unless Wales/ Northern Ireland/ and Scotland distance themselves from these imbeciles, by declaring their long-overdue independence, they will get dragged under too.


For those who are stupid enough to think it is okay to be a racist, here are a few facts.

Fact: funding for the NHS is decided by government, who have more than enough funds to provide the very best of medical care (including dental and optical) for all citizens, including temporary and resident-status immigrants.  But they consistently choose not to.  Instead spend on projects that profit them personally as shareholders in businesses awarded lucrative government contracts.

Fact: around 70% of the NHS budget is wasted.  On unnecessary tiers of duplication/ bureaucracy/ and management.  On fashionable short-term initiatives.  On local rather than centralised purchasing/ resourcing.

Fact: around 70% of practitioner’s time is spent on documentation.  For pointless statistics and in case of prosecution.

Fact: the NHS was set-up with its primary role that of educating people to live more healthily, less dependent.  Yet since then the government has consistently turned a blind eye to an increasing number of products and practices that cause illness/ mortality, with the result more people than ever use the NHS and more often.

Fact: the NHS offers many expensive non-essential treatments which should be only available in the private sector.

Fact: we are all of us immigrants, if you don’t believe me take a DNA test.

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