Nationalism terrifies me.  Not surprisingly, after living for so long in two countries that until very recently were dictatorships and still retain that shared memory.  But BREXIT has revealed it in the UK too, which I always considered a model of democracy.  A fast growing percentage who are now choosing to worship the Holy Trinity of FEAR, SELFISHNESS, and PAIN.

Fuelled by the adrenaline rush of hate, they are being promised a utopia where only their kind will survive, and the rest, including all other species, will be mercilessly destroyed.

If Teresa May gets her way over BREXIT they will probably achieve it.  Who can resist the promises fed to them daily by nationalism’s priesthood, the media?  The cabinet and royal family must be rubbing their hands over how easy this has all been, to fool and rob the masses.  Simply by focussing on FEAR over happiness, on what might happen if you don’t follow the herd.  Encouraging and rewarding SELFISHNESS, that you alone deserve faster and better service/ treatment over the rest.  And addicting them to the vicarious pleasure that comes from endlessly watching PAIN and misery in others.

Last week a young man from Sevilla came to visit, to see if El Pocito would make a suitable home for his ecological plans.  He has a degree in Biology and totally focussed, on living simply/ sustainably/ alternatively, in a way that took me another twenty more years to reach.  And just like all the previous viewers, it was a wonderful meeting of minds.  That is, until we got on to the two subjects of money and children.  He wants to use El Pocito as a green tourism business.  I must have covered this before, but money is never sustainable, and using land to make it is definitely not kosher.  Spending less is the only answer, and for him, finding work locally where he can earn the small amount he needs, would be far more sustainable.  But being a barman say, even for just two days a week, didn’t have the same appeal.  He also has no partner at present but is adamant about raising two children.  I pointed out that this is totally contrary to everything else too, that it is actually the sole cause of climate change and mass species extinction.  To which he replied, on the contrary, Spain is currently experiencing a fall in population and putting in place many positive sustainable practices.

You’d think that after so many years in state education, that basic maths and an appreciation of how the world works (especially majoring in Biology) would be one of the most basic accomplishments, but apparently not.  Because despite what he sincerely believes in, Spain isn’t a country that exists in a vacuum, people are coming in and going out by the minute (thanks again to the EU), with no records kept whatsoever (so much for statistics, and by the way it is the same in the UK), plus all the things each person here buys are on the whole made elsewhere, so they impact elsewhere too, we are part of the greater whole, always.  So when you decide to have a child you are actually ADDING to the world population.  Only when one of the parents dies will that number diminish.  Having two children, who then beget two children each, who then do the same, could even mean being alive to witness fourteen great grandchildren.  Which even by my simple non-university education yields at least twelve MORE people on the planet, and all in a matter of just sixty odd years.  This is why the global population is currently growing at an unprecedented and lethal rate.  This is why their combined spending is robbing the planet of its resources, polluting the seas, and destroying the habitats of other species.

We should NEVER think about anything in terms of where we live, but always with the planet as a whole.  In an ideal society this would mean acting like all other species: no borders, keeping our population and spending at a level which does not endanger other species, and a single system of care for all.

Otherwise the reverse will happen.  There will be no other species.  Government spending will continue to increase on the armed forces and nuclear industry to the detriment of everything else.  And it will happen in our lifetime.

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