houses of parliament

One of the reasons voters chose LEAVE at the (BREXIT) referendum, was because they believed it would improve UK services.

They were wrong.

The UK public sector has never been funded/ run properly, and never will, whoever is the party in power.

This is because those in charge have always had a totally different agenda.

These are people who for the most part are far more wealthy than the average voter, so do not have to use any of the public services, can afford to go private for everything, therefore do not care.

They are also members of a very exclusive club, which encourages/ rewards corruption and is all about making themselves a lot of money.  This starts at parish council level, with the small personal favours that power affords, getting more lucrative as you work your way up the ladder to national government, where it becomes the primary motive for all decision-making.

Priority at this level is always given to spending that reaps rewards for them first and them alone.  Big capital projects mainly (defence/ roads/ nuclear power..), regardless of public need.  This is because MPs have significant shareholdings in the companies who do this kind of work, which in turn will be rewarded with big annual dividend payouts and sizeable tax-free backhanders.

They are also privy to far more sensitive information about the economy than anyone else, so insider knowledge is used to buy and sell shares & currency.  This alone can provide a significant private income, earning more in a day than most voters will over an entire lifetime.

Only when people wake up to the fact that it is never a good idea to let the rich and corrupt run the country will it ever begin to serve them properly.  Until then the rich and corrupt will continue to serve us right.

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