– tiptoe™

Since the 1970s, there have been new isms appearing (or morphing) regularly, each claiming to be the ultimate answer to a sustainable future.  tiptoe™ is the latest, except unlike its predecessors, adopts a rather different approach.
Gone are all the: manuals, courses, levels of accreditation, international convergences, blitzes, magazines, websites/ social media/ and apps, videos & podcasts, impenetrable vocabulary, and of course boundless opportunities for shopping/ travel.
tiptoe™ is also totally free.
As well as doing what it claims.  Yes.  The others felt right, their marketing continually reinforced that message, and probably hundreds of thousands of lives have changed for the better (I know mine has), as well as a lot of money made.  But when you add up the real ecological benefits, to the planet/ the ecology, what we’ve actually done is made things a hell of a lot worse.  And this shouldn’t come as a surprise really when you think about.  Not when you consider the focus until now has solely been on how to make our lives better.  That and spending money on doing it.  Never has it been about all the other species/ habitats/ natural resources.  And what does money always do?  It kills.  With no eco or ethical exceptions.  tiptoe™ doesn’t.
tiptoe™ is about each of us taking on board our personal responsibility for all the effects/ impact our lives have on the planet.  Ergo: thinking about the consequences, not leaving it to others to do that, learning to walk a lot more lightly on the planet (in every sense of the word).
tiptoe™ for me (as I mentioned in the previous blog) came about after deciding to give up on motorised tools when working with the land, forcing me to get physically a lot closer to the soil, for the first time witnessing what an amazing diverse and healing force nature really is, especially when left to its own devices. Ceaselessly and selflessly working to ensure all life on our planet continues and evolves.
I realised Nature really does know best, and this will always be the case.  So if we really want to do something positive then the focus should be on letting it get on with that, without interference.  Make it socially unacceptable to earn and spend money just because we can or want, likewise reproducing.  I know this is the same old thing I keep hammering on about time and time again, but if that bores or annoys you then it is because you still don’t want to accept that all species life (even a rock) has the same rights to a life as we do.  When you can, the world will be a much nicer place.

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