– what are you?


Am having a lovely time each evening currently, tucked up by the wood-burner with Roger Deakin’s NOTES FROM WALNUT TREE FARM (accompanied by some chocolate of course), thanks to good friends Dennis & Jessica in Scotland.  And somehow this got me thinking about all the labels we like to give ourselves.

For example: I am a vegetarian/ I am a christian/ I am a permaculturist/ I am an environmentalist/ I am a teacher/ I am a doctor/ I am an artist/ et al.  What do they actually mean?  That at this precise moment you are a universally acceptable type of person, or you have been actually physically changed?  The label is just not clear enough, so therefore has no valid meaning.  Instead, why can’t we just say: I don’t want to eat meat (fish or dairy) right now because I believe it is unhealthy or cruel.  Or: my day job is working with sick people.  Labels only exist because they make us feel more important, far better is be confident about the person you really are and to confront people with that when you feel strongly about something.

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