– evolution or degeneration?


Have been dipping into ON THE ORIGIN OF THE SPECIES by Charles Darwin, and that got me thinking about evolution, how the basis for all life on earth, every species (flora & fauna), is a constant adaptation and improvement, all of it instinctive.  Not only to survive the day-to-day, but pass on a stronger gene bank to the next generation.

At the same time this is happening in a universe/ solar system where everything else is in a permanent state of flux too, nothing remains exactly the same forever and any change anywhere can/ will affect everything else, eventually.

Yet while all this is common knowledge, we as a species still choose to behave as if it isn’t important.

Instead we choose to believe things can be ordered/ weighed/ measured/ quantified, and never change.  Sixty seconds will always equal an hour, a year (apart from leap years) three hundred and sixty five days.  A kilo a kilo, a litre a litre.  The seasons will always be as they have always been.  Today is now/ yesterday is a past we understand perfectly/ and tomorrow will be pretty much as predicted by science (fiction).

We will continue to improve our existence.

None of which is actually true.

The measurement of time is dependent on the earth’s rotation around the sun, which is and always will be constantly changing, not always predictably.

Gravity the same, affecting everything including weight and volume.

Time in fact doesn’t exist, certainly not for any other species, only for us.  Or hold up to much close scrutiny.  Not so long ago every country had its own version (calendar too), and even now there still is a 12 hour difference around the world, and adjacent countries one hour apart.  Is there really a now/ past/ or future?  Or even multiple versions of all three?

Putting those aside for a moment, what fundamentally we fail to recognise, is the importance of connecting with who we are, what made us, ie nature, living instinctively.  And that will be our downfall.  Even Darwin, back in 1859, suggested we had already traded most of our valuable assets for baubles and blankets, for a world run instead on what he called habits.  Are witches/ vampires/ daemons therefore a reminder of how we used to be before that?

Even though my experience of living outside the new order, deep in the countryside (182,000 hectares of forestry), has been relatively short, I can still see clearly what we’ve lost.

SIGHT: everyone now spends most of their waking life in an artificially created environment of relatively short horizons, the highest proportion of that time focussed on a single specific point, be it phone/ computer/ tv.  We treat the damage from this with glasses or surgery, weakening further the natural function of our eye muscles to exercise continuously.  Sunlight, which is essential for health, has been replaced by artificial light, drastically reduced by our architecture, and deemed so dangerous we must also wear sunglasses at all times.  Does any other creature behave like this?

HEARING: our unnatural artificial living environment, with its accompanying background of manufactured noise, has all but destroyed our natural ability to hear across a much wider spectrum and volume.

SMELL: similarly.

TASTE:  thanks to smoking, heating food, and the magic 3-in-1 ingredient of sugar-salt-vinegar, few people can actually taste anything anywhere close to subtle anymore.

TOUCH: clothed and shod all the time, has dulled our three-dimensional sensory enjoyment of barefoot and naked.

…no longer do we take any of the natural constant exercise that was the hallmark of our previous nomadic existence…

…are totally reliant on having someone else to provide for all our needs, for food/ medical care/ warmth/ shelter/ transport/ communications/ sanitation/ energy/ clothing/…

…unable to think for ourselves (outside socialisation)…

…understand or instinctively know about healthiness…

…our DNA has been permanently altered by drugs and artificial chemicals, weakened by births that naturally would have not survived.

The prognosis is not good.  As a species we now have zero awareness of the world around us, and no survival skills whatsoever.  Just one event could lead to our extinction.  For example, two weeks without petrol in a country like the UK and the majority of those affected would die of starvation.  Three days, without water.

It is time to re-introduce our wolf genes, before it is too late.

(Inspired by Tom Bryan and his gripping novel THE WOLFCLAW CHRONICLES  –  ISBN 1-903238-10-2)

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