– manifesto for a sustainable future


This blog is in response to a publication entitled A DREAM OF A LOW CARBON FUTURE which was jointly funded/ published by the ENGINEERING AND PHYSICAL SCIENCES RESEARCH COUNCIL (EPSRC) and the UNIVERSITY OF LEEDS as a result of a postgraduate project which was aimed at imagining a sustainable Leeds in the near future.  A tome that came with such a high level of authenticity you have to wonder why then it was so naive and full of gross errors, because there is no way any of these ideas could ever work.

But they are not alone.  Every university teaches the same, all the state-funded bodies for the environment advise likewise/ all the eco pressure groups too/ plus there is a whole private industry out there each earning a very nice steady income out of running courses as well.  So why is it we and they can’t see how wrong all this is?

The answer is actually really easy.  The world we currently inhabit is in fact not the real one, but a chimera, a manscape, a manufactured/ man-made visual landscape that we’ve created and placed on top of the real/ natural one, in order to encompass all our needs for shelter/ work/ transport/ play/ etc.  Even down to the type of flora and fauna that is allowed to exist there, within a selection of specific land-use labels, ie garden/ allotment/ croft/ smallholding/ wood/ farm/ moor/ nature reserve/ etc.  This is where we spend all of lives.  So for anyone trying to imagine any other kind of place it is obviously going to be really difficult, I’d say impossible, because even when we travel we tend only to visit similarly artificially designed environments.

However there is another kind of world out there.  The bit we haven’t got round to landscaping yet, and which for want of a better word/ label represents our eco-system.  Where until about 200 years ago was predominately covered by prehistoric tree canopy, under which lived an infinite number of other species (both flora & fauna), or ocean, and collectively representing what constitutes the heart and lungs that gives life to all on this planet.  But increasingly is attracting the interest of those who serve us who live in the manscapes, to provide food and everything else.  Stripping and mining the life out of the land and over-fishing the seas, until soon there will be nothing left of either but yet another toxic wasteland, rather like our current manscapes.

They don’t want us to know about any of this, but then nor do we want to know, as long as what we have currently continues to keep us content.

Which is not good news.  Especially as our thirst for spending/ exploiting grows exponentially, as do our numbers.

So I thought I’d start making a list.  Of all the things we need to think about and do, in order to stop the world being totally destroyed by ignorance and greed.  And as I think of more I’ll add them too.  You can see it on my site by clicking here: https://elpocito.wordpress.com/%e2%97%8f-manifesto-for-a-sustainable-future/

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