– tell me about your God


“Does your God care about anything, but men (and women)?”  (Raising The Stones, Sheri.S.Tepper)

“And God said, let us make man in our image, after our likeness, and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the land”.  (Holy Bible, Genesis 2, 26)

Yes, yet another musing from deep within the forest.  This time all about why we don’t see/ appreciate/ or value anything other than ourselves, don’t see the harm we cause, or understand we have to put something back when we take things out (of the precious ecology).

Okay, so you’re going to tell me you are not religious.  Well you’re wrong, we all are.  Religion is so embedded in our species now there is no way any of us could interpret our world other than by its very specific doctrine, it could even be part of our DNA.  Oh, there are other religions as well (Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, etc), but they are just a very extreme version of the same thing, with one common factor, they are all total fiction.  It’s not always been like this, I’m guessing before we began to settle (about 10,000 years ago), we each had our own completely different outlook of the world, but that has long been worn down into choosing the fictional one instead, where we believe we are the chosen species, supreme over all others, omnipotent.  Which is why it is fine to eat meat/ drive a car/ fly/ or do any of the other billions of everyday normal things we take for granted, even though they are causing unnecessary pain/ suffering/ and death to innumerable other life-forms (for example, here in the rural backwater of Sierra de Aracena three million pigs a year are murdered, just so we can eat very expensive ham).

We even justify it scientifically.  Having created a body of wise men, no less than a priesthood, who can prove anything and everything in order to confirm the doctrine, that human-centric/ anthropocentric is the only interpretation of our world.

This is not only very frightening, that a group of extremists governs how we see, interpret our world, and behave (social media and tv news for example), but at the same time we allow them to destroy every other species, along with all the natural resources of the planet, to feed their greed for absolute power/ allegiance.  What hope is there?

Ah you say, what about all the good things we do for the planet?  For which conveniently there is a whole new language: organic/ biodynamic/ re-newable energy/ recycling/ sustainable/ etc.  Except which are all lies too, none of them make a scrap of difference.  How is organic benefitting the planet, when it is only about feeding us?  Biodynamic, the same.  Re-newable energy.  How can something that costs (the planet) so much to install and maintain, just to provide us with electricity, be a good thing?   Recycling, is nothing more than re-using precious/ irreplaceable natural resources that shouldn’t have been taken out in the first place.  Sustainable?  Ha, whatever we do is fundamentally unsustainable.  The list is endless, and ultimately it is all about serving ourselves, not the planet.  This also at a time when our population is soaring out-of-control, who will want to behave just as selfishly too.  The truth is we don’t put a single positive thing back into the planet, just take take take, simultaneously hurting/ torturing/ killing other species, pretending to ourselves they don’t matter.  Doesn’t that sound a little bit crazy?  If the planet was a bank account, how long do you think we’d get away without ever putting anything back in?

While we’re on the subject, what does anyone actually know about nature, the billions of very different species apart from ourselves, their culture/ intelligence/ feelings/ habitats/ diets/ etc?  Truthfully?  Nothing.  Our religious priests make it all up.  Even we who inhabit the so-called counter-culture, the alternative movement, can be accused of the same too.  Of which I count myself at fault.  For the last 30+ years I thought I was doing something positive for the planet, guided by the many “isms” that have proliferated during that period, 25 of those making forest gardens, involving the sowing and subsequent planting of many thousands of trees/ shrubs/ perennials/ annuals/ roots/ and climbers.  But I can see now I was wrong.  Because it was still coming from a human-centric perspective, providing for us firstly and using what we thought best.  When to be truly humble, what do I know about how the planet works?  A force billions of years old, that started out as a fireball from the sun, the created all this life.  Only one thing it seems.  That it is constantly evolving and seeking ways to improve and expand the number of species and interdependencies.  Which is totally the opposite way of we are taught to think, looking instead for patterns/ simplification/ reduction/ rules.  Flux versus rigidity.  How did I finally realise this?  By living in nature 24/7 for seventeen years, observing and listening to nature, though fundamentally by doing absolutely nothing.  Because instead of imposing, if you leave a piece of land alone, it will grow into a far better place on its own than we could ever hope for.  One that is in total accord with its conditions both locally and globally.  We will never be able to understand how to do this, attain such a level of complexity, or accept the flux factor way of thinking, because it is the antithesis of our religion.

Our eco-system is by far the most intelligent and evolved organism on the planet.  We, in comparison, are the least.  Those in-between therefore deserve our total respect.   From now on therefore we can must either live extremely lightly or retreat into urbanity until we take up the least amount of room, so we no longer do any more damage and the planet can begin to heal itself, or face extinction.

It is up to you, but don’t be fooled into thinking you are worth more than any other life or that you are helping the planet.  That is just the religion talking.

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