– whose life is it anyway?


I may be a bit slow on the uptake here, after all this only took me sixty-odd years to realise, but am I alone in thinking what was a seeming benign, nay paternalistic, entity, evolved from ten thousand years of civilisation, is nothing less than the same old nasty dictatorial regime that took hold at the beginning, in a new guise?

Yes, am talking about our beloved national governments once again.   Though not their public face, the actor/ politicians, or the vague allegiances each party pretends to hold, which are just there for entertainment/ distraction purposes, but the real power behind them, the people who as always really run our lives.

Those who have crafted this virtual reality so perfect now, that we the masses are not only willing to swear our total allegiance/ life to it, but also give freely 99% of our hard earned income (in taxes/ tithes).

And with them in mind, proposing the following hypothetical question:

If it were possible (because, unless there is a serious ecological meltdown, this could never happen, so don’t waste your precious life thinking otherwise), to totally eradicate the monster that has held our species captive for ten thousand years, what would you wish to see in its place?

Here are some of the positive (no point listing the negative, there will always be some) thoughts I’ve had so far:

…with all taxation and public services abolished, personal income would instantly double in value and everyone will at last be free to choose which private services they wish to buy into, either through an insurance scheme or pay-on-demand…

…to replace certain essential public services it would probably be necessary for some kind of unpaid civil-service, where everyone does so many hours/ days each year for their local community…

…there would be no need for bureaucracy, identity numbers, passports, or papers…

…or propaganda…

…the true/ natural/ agricultural sense of community/family would re-establish itself again…

…real personal freedom would exist once more, for the first time since we stopped being nomadic…

…self-responsibility would be rediscovered…

…more arts/ crafts/ self-expression…

…nomadism, the true state of species, would return…

…no more proscribed religion…

…no cctv…

(photograph from http://hedgespoken.org)

  1. Phil . . . I appreciate that you have decided to carry on after losing your soul mate. Thank you.

    regarding your post: I have asked many of these questions myself and the only answer I have come up with so far is that in our present spiritual condition we are doomed to failure no matter what we do.

    we will only succeed in making this world a better place when all of us who long for these things, take a stand and dedicate ourselves individually to using the inner kindness we all have, but all too seldom use.

    As is, (especially in this US) in our lowered state of consciousness we may need those masters over us. I have never seen it as bad as it is right now and if all these folks were set free to do as they wished or to create policy? . . . . scary thought!

    Bottom line (and it’s on the way) we need a universal raising of consciousness and then all things will fall into place automatically.

  2. Eduardo J. Vázquez said:

    Muy buena reflexión, Phill. Como tu bien dices no sucederá, pero reflexionar sobre esta cuestión es una necesidad para reaccionar a la manipulación y alienación a la que nos vemos sometidos.

    Un afectuoso saludo.

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