– a home for the price of a coffee


The appeal to help re-home Lotus & Steve before winter bites has still a way to go.  Yet is still only the price of a coffee if everyone who read this gave.  Then they will be safe and snug, as well as ready to start the work of rebuilding their beautiful oasis.

Lotus & Steve deserve your support and encouragement, because (brave) people like them are dispelling the myth that we as individuals can’t change things.  They prove it is possible to live well, very well, on very little.  That we don’t have to be slaves for our entire lives serving the needs of those who-rule-over-us.  Putting up with overcrowding and all the bad stuff that happens when one species over-populates the rest.  They are also doing their bit to repair our terminally ill eco-system.  So please help them continue this excellent vocation, by foregoing just one coffee today….

Donate here: https://www.youcaring.com/lotusmoran

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  1. oliver said:

    Hi Phil – ive stumbled across your site by accident. Very inspriring. And then on to Nomadica…ive sent a small contribution, thanks for raising awareness.

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