– we are what we eat


In the North Sea a Cuvier Beaked Whale (total world population: 100,000) had to be put down because it was starving to death.  Afterwards it was found to have ingested at least 30 plastic bags, blocking its intestines.

71% of the surface of the planet is water, and much of it is so deep it has not been unexplored.  Yet despite that, in less than 100 years we as a species have managed to dump so much toxic waste into this precious and infinite resource (compared to the space we 7.4 billion occupy), that the life forms who dwell there are now facing extinction because they cannot avoid eating/ being contaminated by all our crap.

We meanwhile continue to believe life goes on as normal.

This week I have been reading the excellent (and recommended) BROTHER TO THE OX – The Autobiography of a Farmer’s Boy by Fred Kitchen.  In it he writes about his experience of agriculture in England at the beginning of the twentieth century.  His diet then, to keep him going for twelve hours (or more) a day, six days a week, being: breakfast – boiled bacon + milk, lunch – boiled beef + vegetables + yorkshire pud + ale, evening meal – boiled bacon + bread & butter + tea.  All of which was produced on the same farm (except the tea), grown without inputs/ chemicals, and compared to what we eat/ farm today the nearest thing to a sustainable way of life.  There was also zero waste/ pollution.

Whales still behave live like this, as do all other living things.  All except for us.

Also this week I finally made a visit to a newly opened supermarket in a nearby town, as it is a luxury when normally all we have in Almonaster la Real is the equivalent of the corner shop.  And inside it was indeed like an Aladdin’s Cave.  There were literally thousands of different “foods” to buy.  Yet instead of being a pleasant experience, my reaction was horror.  Because not one of these things was actually what could be considered as real food.  Let alone sustainable.  It was all tainted/ poisoned in some way.  Everything we buy is now.  Because that is how food (as a business) is produced now.  Even organic.  Even the wholesome food we grow ourselves.  Our planet is like the sea, polluted by our greed.

No-one wants to hear this, or about sea-life dying.  They want to continue buying this crap, be able to forget the consequence, and when they get ill rely on the Health Service to make them well again.  While the sea fills up with the packaging/ waste until there is nothing left alive there, and the landmass likewise.

High time to start doing something positive instead of believing others always know better.

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  1. gladysmulligan said:

    All your words ring clear and true. The earth is part of Creator’s wonderful and vast Creation and was never ours to pollute and desecrate. We were expected to be guests who passed through while treating it with love, respect and dignity it deserves. We have failed and consequences are increasing daily to expose all that is wrong and to cleanse and purify this beautiful planet until it swings again in harmony with the automatic natural laws woven from the beginning of time. I wish you safe passage into the new Kingdom of Light which is in the process of being prepared where none of us can survive unless we bow in gratitude and acknowledgement to Creator for the last and final rescue. I read all your posts and resonate with what you say. Best wishes, GM

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