– scrap physical education in schools


I unashamedly believe the system of compulsory (anything) education was flawed right from the beginning.  And it hasn’t improved any since (why else would Spain have the highest unemployment in Europe who are also graduates/ masters/ and postgraduates?).  So surely it is high time now to get rid of it completely?  I wish.  However this isn’t going to happen (who else is going to childmind them all?), so what about a compromise, for the sake of those who currently have to endure this pointless torture, in order that they at least stand some chance of surviving the impending holocaust Trump/ May/ Putin/ and Xi Jinping are hurtling us all towards.

I therefore propose getting rid of all PE/ sports in the curriculum, and replacing it instead with food production.  Pupils converting every spare inch outside their classrooms (including further afield in the community too) so they can learn everything about growing healthy nourishment, sustainably, along with the other skills necessary for when the current social infrastructure finally collapses.

The prison service implemented this a long time ago.  Projects working with people who have learning difficulties nearly 100 years ago.  It also retains all the elements of providing exercise that PE was created for, but more comprehensively and naturally.  As well as making perfect financial sense.  Not forgetting too, it adds yet another facet to local food security, an issue which could become key even sooner than we think.

Simple, neat, so why hasn’t it been implemented before?

(photo: Jerome Osentowski, author of THE FOREST GARDEN GREENHOUSE)

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  1. I am starting to wonder who leads this circus and if we the people would ever have something close to “power” over our lives and choices, given than only a small percentage seems to be able to “wake up”. The women’s march was amazing but sadly another demonstration of lack of strategic thinking from those so called thinkers and leaders…an amazing demonstration of nothingness that doesn’t accomplish anything but inflating the false hopes that anything will ever change. In an age of social media complains and arm-chair petitions only a few have the balls (and the option) to say no, to see beyond the surface, to choose what’s important and needed for things to truly change. I give up, can’t tell true from fake anymore. Those in my region working on school and community gardens to help people and children in particular to learn and enjoy growing food are starting to burn out for lack of support (financial and otherwise)…

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