– Being true to what we claim

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While updating the wildwood page this week I suddenly noticed all the sidebar links and wondered, when was the last time they were checked or new ones added? Then, why are they there at all?

At the same time I’ve been re-reading THE MAN WHO QUIT MONEY by Mark Sundeen and watching some Youtube videos of Daniel Suelo talking about his reasons for giving up spending. With the result I’ve scrapped all those links, because the real reason they looked wrong I realise now is because they aren’t true to what they claim.

When we set out on this journey (oddly enough in the same month and year as Daniel Suelo), our aims were: to live without the need for jobs/ to become healthier/ be sustainable/ and have time to pursue our creativity. None of which we had the slightest clue how to achieve at that time, but nonetheless over the years since have moved closer and closer towards. The most fundamental discovery being that living without money is the key to them all.

The example of Daniel Suelo simply confirms we were wiser than we ever realised, as does a recent experience of trying to find a community of like-minded souls to live amongst (it is lonely enough following this path with the lack of a partner like Maureen, but a lot harder when everyone around me is of the totally opposite persuasion). With the latter I came across literally hundreds of examples, all who have made a conscious choice to move from a conventional life to one of self-sufficiency/ sustainability. All very impressive too, nay they filled me with envy at the richness of what they had achieved, especially compared to what I can show for all my labours. Until I realised that not one of those cornucopias and amazing dwellings exists without being underpinned by a steady source of income/ spending, ie. not sustainable.

If you are one these, then before banging off a suitably nasty reply, please at least read the book or watch one of the videos. I guarantee it will change your life. And if you are one who is indeed working along the same path as me please get in touch. The new sidebar will be full of those examples instead. It’s all about focus, sometimes we can’t see the wood for the trees.


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  1. I don’t think Daniel Suelo holds a candle to the sustainability that you and Maureen have accomplished. Seems to me that he could not have survived without others that live unsustainably. You, on the other hand, are a giver, not a taker; a producer not a consumer. Daniel scavenged from the droppings of society not seeming to contribute much of any true value.

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