– Saturday 3rd January 2015

Further on my battle to the death to get the UK Department of Works & Pensions to pay a widow’s pension, legally authorised by the Spanish government.

The Shadow Secretary of State (Labour MP for Leeds West, Rachel Reeves) has so far ignored not only my request for an independent inquiry (I have heard nothing), but all the pleas from El Pocito supporters too, though I imagine still getting paid by UK taxpayers for her role as the Shadow Secretary of State. Meanwhile a friend has just emailed to say that Labour, if elected, is bent (and I use that word in its fullest sense) to continue cutting access to benefits and thereby increasing the level of poverty (already there are 700,000 people in the UK reliant on food banks), something to bear in mind when you vote this year, especially as it could easily be you affected next. The current political system is nothing more than a privileged minority helping themselves to ever more riches at the expense of the poorest (I believe that less than 10% of taxation goes towards essential services). It is time to sweep this corruption out. Here in Spain the new party PODEMOS is already set to do that, with a majority of voters prepared to change their lifelong allegiance.

Paraphrasing the wise words of my guru/ mentor Shirley-Anne Hardy:

The State is an organisation by political means of enabling the economic exploitation of one class by another. This is engineered first by an expropriation of land, then creating a false value upon it. Removing this false “ownership” of land would remove the entire reason for the State’s existence, and along with it the State.

You have the means to make a real change now, use it!


Messages in support of my pension claim should be sent to Rachel Reeves MP at:


using the subject/ title line:

PHILLIP KEITH ROOKSBY/ YY154707B/ 08.03.1956

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